EY Team Leader Skills Accelerator

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Providing team leaders with an application they can use to develop their greatest assets – their people.

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A real-time view of team performance

EY Team Leader Skills Accelerator gives real-time feedback from team members to track performance shift over time. It gives your team leaders the ability to measure their team across five different areas: leadership, efficiency, alignment, resilience and mood. All team measures take two minutes to complete and directly link to practical tools that are used to address team needs.

Learning designed with you in mind

Designed to be used in regular team meetings and 1:1s, the EY Team Leader Skills Accelerator gives your team leaders access to practical activities that are directly linked to the results in the team measurement. The activities can be delivered in person or virtually and have video guides as well as written instructions so that your team leaders can deliver effective learning sessions.

A library of learning resources 

The resources allow your team leaders to access high-quality articles, videos, and podcasts, addressing key challenges faced by their teams. The content within this application has been carefully selected and developed by our leading consultant and research teams.

Accessible at any time, on any device 

The application is accessible at any time of the day through a web browser on any device. It gives your team leaders the freedom and ease to access useful resources and development activities whenever they need them the most.

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