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Congratulations to the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021 Atlantic winners

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EY - Photo of Karl Kenny

Karl Kenny
Kraken Robotic Systems Inc.

EY - Photo of John Williams

John Williams
Nutra Holdings

EY - Photo of Darren Burke

Darren Burke
Outcast Foods

EY - Photo of Barb Stegemann

Barb Stegemann
The 7 Virtues Beauty Inc.

EY - Photo of Andy MacLellan

Andy MacLellan
VERB Interactive

  • Atlantic finalists

    Beauceron Security Inc.
    David Shipley

    Bouctouche Bay Industries Ltd.
    Steen Gunderson

    ClearRisk Inc.
    Craig Rowe

    Kognitiv Spark Inc.
    Ryan Groom, Duncan McSporran, Yan Simard

    Kraken Robotic Systems Inc.  (PNG)
    Karl Kenny

    Naveco Power Inc.
    Amit Virmani

    Nutra Holdings Inc.
    John Williams

    Outcast Foods
    Dr. Darren Burke

    Peace by Chocolate Inc.
    Tareq Hadhad

    SONA (SonaPay Inc.)
    Ryan O’Leary

    The 7 Virtues Beauty
    Barb Stegemann

    Thermtest Inc.
    Dale Hume

    VERB Interactive
    Andy MacLellan


Meet the judges

The success of the program relies on the efforts of our independent panel of judges. These past Entrepreneur Of The Year Award program alumni and civic and community leaders devote significant effort to review and deliberate the merits of each nominee. We deeply appreciate their dedication to this process.
EY - Photo of Andrea Feunekes

Andrea Feunekes
CEO & Co-founder, Remsoft

The pandemic has disproportionally impacted women and minority entrepreneurs. How can we fast forward to overcome progress lost to reach gender equality in our entrepreneurial ecosystem?
We need to work harder to meet women, Indigenous and other marginalized entrepreneurs where they are today and support their journey in the way they need to be supported. That may be different from the traditional approach — and it may be a better approach! This needs to become a priority for all of us if we are committed to growing a vibrant, innovative and unstoppable entrepreneurial community.

EY - Photo of Robyn Brown

Robyn Brown*
President (retired), Eddy Group Limited

How do we turn ambitions into action?
Say “yes” to your dream, create a plan and execute with boldness and decisiveness. Obstacles will threaten to sidetrack you; accept them and use them to spark your creativity and adaptability.

EY - Photo of Anne Whelan

Anne Whelan*
CEO, Seafair Capital

Could the toughest time inspire the greatest solutions?
Absolutely. Tough times imply change is coming – and thinking about problems in a new way is an essential part of managing change. COVID is driving lots of innovation at both the systems level and the business level. We are also realizing how interdependent we all are – so it’s likely that more diverse voices will be engaged in solving some big problems.

EY - Photo of Kim Keating

Kim Keating
COO, The Cahill Group 

What is the value of putting purpose over profit?
It’s a key differentiator to attracting and retaining talent. Businesses that value long-term positive impacts over short-term profits have been able to not only generate profits but also withstand shifts in the economy since they are based on a purpose that results in positive impacts on their employees and customers. 

EY - Photo of Laurie MacKeigan

Laurie MacKeigan*
President, Backman Vidcom

How does entrepreneurial ambition help create global unity?
The drive to create and grow is in a lot of us and makes us want to improve our lives and the lives of others. 

EY - Photo of Kent Scales

Kent Scales
CEO, Scales Group of Companies

*Entrepreneur Of The Year Alumni


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