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Learn more about Québec’s regional finalists, judges and sponsor.

Congratulations to the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2024 Québec regional finalists!

EY - Photo of Christopher Rey | Apollo Scooters

Christopher Rey
Apollo Scooters

EY - Photo of Maciek Piskorz | Apollo Scooters

Maciek Piskorz
Apollo Scooters

EY - Photo of Anthony Di Ioia | BeaverTails

Anthony Di Ioia

EY - Photo of Pino Di Ioia | BeaverTails

Pino Di Ioia

EY - Photo of Tina Serrao | BeaverTails

Tina Serrao

EY - Photo of Ian Quint | Brasswater

Ian Quint

EY - Photo of Rémi Tremblay | Café William

Rémi Tremblay
Café William

EY - Photo of Serge Picard | Café William

Serge Picard
Café William

EY - Photo of Francine Pomerleau | Cendrex

Francine Pomerleau

EY - Photo of Jonathan Hakim | Digicast

Jonathan Hakim

EY - Photo of Karim Leduc | DULCEDO

Karim Leduc

EY - Photo of Mathieu Kingsbury | Duroking

Mathieu Kingsbury

EY - Photo of Pierre Langlois | Econoler

Pierre Langlois

EY - Photo of Louis Tremblay | FLO

Louis Tremblay

EY - Photo of Robert Bissonnette | Innovaderm Research

Robert Bissonnette
Innovaderm Research

EY - Photo of Marie-Ève Drouin | Interbois

Marie-Ève Drouin

EY - Photo of Mark Francis | Kapital Solutions

Mark Francis
Kapital Solutions

EY - Photo of François Roberge | La Vie en Rose

François Roberge
La Vie en Rose

EY - Photo of Vincent Godcharles | Logient

Vincent Godcharles

EY - Photo of Chiko Nanji | Metro Supply Chain

Chiko Nanji
Metro Supply Chain

EY - Photo of Stéphane Garneau | Micro Logic

Stéphane Garneau
Micro Logic

EY - Photo of Jake Karls | Mid-Day Squares

Jake Karls
Mid-Day Squares

EY - Photo of Lezlie Karls | Mid-Day Squares

Lezlie Karls
Mid-Day Squares

EY - Photo of Nick Saltarelli | Mid-Day Squares

Nick Saltarelli
Mid-Day Squares

EY - Photo of Alex Brisson | Norda Stelo

Alex Brisson
Norda Stelo

EY - Photo of Ken Harris | Plusgrade

Ken Harris

EY - Photo of Katherine Homuth | Sheertex

Katherine Homuth

EY - Photo of Alexis Vertefeuille | Sinistar

Alexis Vertefeuille

EY - Photo of Andrew Lockhead | Stay22

Andrew Lockhead

EY - Photo of Mark Cohen | Vision Group

Mark Cohen
Vision Group

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Meet the judges

The success of the program relies on the efforts of our independent panel of judges. These EY Entrepreneur Of The Year program alumni, civic and community leaders devote significant effort to review and deliberate the merits of each nominee. We deeply appreciate their dedication to this process.
EY - Photo of Pelra Azondekon

Pelra Azondekon
Managing Director
asterX | Québécor

EY - Photo of Isabelle Côté

Isabelle Côté*
Coffrages Synergy Formwork

EY - Photo of Jean-François Côté

Jean-François Côté*
President & CEO

EY - Photo of Christian Fabi

Christian Fabi

EY - Photo of Serge Harnois

Serge Harnois*
Harnois Énergies

EY - Photo of Orlane Panet

Orlane Panet*
Cofounder & CEO
MicroHabitat Urban Farming

EY - Photo of Madeleine Paquin

Madeleine Paquin*
Former President & CEO

EY - Photo of Martin Thériault

Martin Thériault*
Founder, CEO & Chairman

* Entrepreneur Of The Year Alumni

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