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Learn more about Ontario’s regional winners, finalists, judges and sponsors.

Congratulations to the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2022 Ontario regional winners!

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EY - Photo of Martin Basiri | ApplyBoard

Martin Basiri

EY - Photo of Massi Basiri | ApplyBoard

Massi Basiri

EY - Photo of Meti Basiri | ApplyBoard

Meti Basiri

EY - Photo of Donato Ardellini | Environmental 360 Solutions

Donato Ardellini
Environmental 360 Solutions

EY - Photo of Kyle Braatz | Fullscript

Kyle Braatz

EY - Photo of Scott Hunter | Gateway

Scott Hunter

EY - Photo of Joanna Griffiths | Knix

Joanna Griffiths

EY - Photo of Henry Shi | SUPER

Henry Shi

EY - Photo of Hussein Fazal | SUPER

Hussein Fazal

EY - Photo of Connie Lo | Three Ships

Connie Lo
Three Ships

EY - Photo of Laura Burget | Three Ships

Laura Burget
Three Ships



Meet the judges

The success of the program relies on the efforts of our independent panel of judges. These past Entrepreneur Of The Year program alumni and civic and community leaders devote significant effort to review and deliberate the merits of each nominee. We deeply appreciate their dedication to this process.
EY - Photo of Alan Quarry

Alan Quarry*
BarnRaising Associates Consulting

EY - Photo of Michelle Scarborough | Women in Technology Venture Fund BDC

Michelle Scarborough
Managing Partner
Women in Technology Venture Fund BDC

EY - Photo of Reena Chaudhary | Sia Partners

Reena Chaudhary
Managing Partner
Sia Partners

EY - Photo of Somen Mondal | Ceridian

Somen Mondal*
General Manager

EY - Photo of Teresa Lee | OMERS

Teresa Lee
Managing Director
OMERS Growth Equity

EY - Photo of Tony Lourakis | Fleet Complete

Tony Lourakis*
Fleet Complete

* Entrepreneur Of The Year Alumni

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