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Congratulations to the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021 Pacific winners

EY - Photo of Carl Hansen

Carl Hansen

EY - Photo of Catherine Dahl

Catherine Dahl

EY - Photo of Reza Sanaie

Reza Sanaie

EY - Photo of Judi Hess

Judi Hess

EY - Photo of Trevor Johnston

Trevor Johnston
Jane App

EY - Photo of Alison Taylor

Alison Taylor
Jane App

EY - Photo of Darrell Jones

Darrell Jones

EY - Photo of Ray Castelli

Ray Castelli

  • Pacific finalists

    Carl Hansen

    Apply Digital
    Chris Coghlan, Gautam Lohia

    Catherine Dahl, Reza Sanaie

    Judi Hess

    Cymax Group Technologies Ltd.
    Rizwan Somji

    DeeBee's Organics
    Dionne Laslo-Baker

    Fresh Prep Foods Inc.
    Becky Brauer, Husein Rahemtulla, Dhruv Sood

    HME Mobility & Accessibility
    Robert Boscacci, Cameron Fleming

    Jane App
    Trevor Johnston, Alison Taylor

    Keystone Environmental
    Raminder Grewal

    Legends Haul
    Craig Sheridan

    Natu'oil Services Inc.
    Haresh Bhatt

    Nude Beverages
    Julius Makarewicz

    Power Wood Corp
    Jake Power

    Darrell Jones

    Somatic - Mechanical | Electrical | Plumbing
    Gilbert Ghezesan, Patrick Wu

    Mik Kersten

    The Pro-Claim Group
    Tony Scott

    Mikaella Go, Andy Wang, Tony Yu

    Ray Castelli

    Western Logistics Inc.
    Mary Waring

    WPIC Marketing + Technologies
    Jacob Cooke, Joseph Cooke


Meet the judges

The success of the program relies on the efforts of our independent panel of judges. These past Entrepreneur Of The Year Award program alumni and civic and community leaders devote significant effort to review and deliberate the merits of each nominee. We deeply appreciate their dedication to this process.
EY - Photo of Geoff Chutter

Geoff Chutter*
CEO, WhiteWater West Industries Ltd.

What are the key driving forces to become an entrepreneur?
Each entrepreneur taps from a different combination of traits. In my case, they included a strong desire to win, passion, a competitive edge, a creative bent, Canadian integrity and demeanor, a strong work ethic, and of course a desire to make Mom proud. 

EY - Photo of Jill Earthy

Jill Earthy
CEO, Women's Enterprise Centre BC 

Women face challenges to secure the capital and resources needed to grow and scale. What can we do to help them overcome this hurdle?
I have a lot to say on this topic. First, we need to recognize that entrepreneurs take many different growth paths, and our current systems, including capital sources, don’t always recognize this. By acknowledging different paths to growth, we will see a broadening of the types of entrepreneurs and business models that grow and thrive. 

EY - Photo of Kristi Miller

Kristi Miller*
Managing Partner, Natural Products Canada (NPC) Ventures

Is an entrepreneur born or made?
I’ve been asked this question before, and my answer hasn’t changed. Both. Some are born to it, others become entrepreneurs because, over time, they realize that the path walked by others just isn’t for them. 

EY - Photo of Keith Spencer

Keith Spencer
Counsel, Fasken Martineau 

What role does technology play in entrepreneurship?
Technology has vastly increased the ability to capture data and understand market opportunities that others may not have previously seen. 

EY - Photo of Sacha McLean

Sacha McLean*
Vice Chairman, McLean Group

How do creative entrepreneurs help solve for the new world?
By being one step ahead of the rest. 

EY - Photo of Ali Pejman

Ali Pejman
Managing Partner, Fort Capital Partners

How does entrepreneurial ambition help create global unity?
Entrepreneurs have to be skilled at bringing a variety of talents and skills together, and their ambitions create a better economy and hence a better place to live.

EY - Photo of Maria Pacella

Maria Pacella
Managing Partner, PenderFund Capital Management 

What do we need to do to build an entrepreneurial system that’s reflective of the makeup of our economy?
Engage our stakeholders in the economy and seek to understand what the challenges and needs are to transform their areas for the economy of the future, while at the same time being open to accepting disruption and perspectives from different disciplines, which is really the source of true innovation. 

*Entrepreneur Of The Year Alumni


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