Digital Transformation in Retail Customer Experience
Case Study
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Case Study

How Senco Gold creates customer delight, in-store or online

With the help of an MS CRM and PowerPlatform, Senco Gold drove a transformation across online and store purchase experience for customers.

End-to-End Digital Enablement Solution

How can we delight our customers through a seamless experience?

The reputable jewelry brand needed a unified platform to elevate the customer experience pan India.

Senco Gold and Diamonds, a prominent organization specializing in the manufacture and retail of gold and diamonds in India, has established itself as a leading brand over the past 50+ years. They combine handcrafted art and craftsmanship with technology, continuously embracing the latest digital advancements in the jewelry and retail sectors. With a presence in more than 13 Indian states and over 140 outlets nationwide, Senco serves a growing consumer base, catering to their diverse demands through an omni-channel approach.

Driven by their vision of "one customer, one Senco," the company aimed to achieve end-to-end digital enablement of the customer journey. One of their primary concerns was managing customer relationships effectively, including addressing queries, complaints, and responses from various touchpoints. To meet evolving customer expectations, Senco sought to create a seamless and personalized experience across platforms and channels.

In pursuit of this goal, the brand explored ideas to establish a connected consumer experience. This involved bridging the gap between online and offline purchase channels, implementing omni-channel support, executing targeted marketing efforts for specific segments, enabling self-service capabilities for customers in stores, facilitating below-the-line and door-to-door sales activities, and automating front-office processes to enhance the in-store employee experience.

Challenges in managing customer relationships

Senco chose EY as its partner to achieve a connected consumer experience across sales, service, marketing, and employee experience in their stores. EY collaborated with Senco and utilized the comprehensive Microsoft ecosystem, which includes Dynamics 365, PowerPlatform, and Azure services, to successfully enable this connected consumer experience across all Senco stores throughout India.

When we started the journey of implementing the CRM with EY, our vision was "one customer, one SenCo." Today, there are multiple touchpoints, and customers are trying to reach you as a brand through various mediums. We have been there for more than 80 years with more than 20 lakh customers. We wanted to make sure that the customer who has been loyal and committed to the brand receives the same level of service and experience that we have provided in the past years. The tool will enable us, wherever the customer is located, to understand the customer through data, past behavior, and purchasing patterns. The enhanced customer experience and satisfaction will make the integration of technology feasible, possible, and justified. In the future, we will look at how we can move to better technology while keeping the customer at the center of our service and technology development.
Suvankar Sen
MD & CEO, Senco Gold and Diamonds
CRM implementation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 customizes 360-degree view for customers.

CRM implementation across sales, service, and marketing creates personalized customer experience.

Senco had prior experience with Microsoft solutions. In 2012, the jewelry retailer implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, which was then known as the Microsoft Enterprise Resource Planning system. At that time, they were among the early adopters of Microsoft ERP solutions. Subsequently, the company upgraded to Dynamics 365 Commerce on the cloud, providing a comprehensive retail solution.

EY conducted a workshop to assess the current state of Senco's operations. This workshop involved peer benchmarking, identifying gaps, and understanding the existing processes. We then implemented Dynamics CRM to augment the effectiveness and efficiency of key departments such as customer services, sales, and marketing, ensuring a personalized experience across all channels.

We achieved efficient order management through the integration of CRM with Finance and Operations (FnO) and various other ecommerce websites. Senior management received custom reports and real-time dashboards, enabling them to make faster business decisions. The implementation of Customer 360 allowed for the management of customer profiling, considering factors such as demographics, service, loyalty, and behavior through integration with different systems. EY used workflow engines to implement security roles and delegate authority for different business processes.

Dynamics 365 provided Senco with a unified solution tailored to the needs of the retail industry. It allowed the company to stay up to date with technological advancements while delivering the best possible services to their customers.

The EY team completed the CRM module in a short time. We are looking forward to giving our customers a better experience and the right kind of customer delight. This model will help us improve our services and our understanding of the customers' profiles, enabling us to identify their needs, guide them accordingly, and provide the right experience from both product and service perspectives. EY and Senco will work closely to ensure seamless execution on our end. It is our goal to be future-ready, so we need to integrate all the modern technology. Senco will be able to offer the best services, and customers will have the best experience, making it a win-win situation for both parties.
Sanjay Banerjee
COO, Senco Gold and Diamonds
Omni-channel transformation

Omni-channel transformation translated into customer delight.

Better customer experience improved sales effectiveness and efficiency across channels.

EY utilized CRM and PowerPlatform to create a connected consumer experience, resulting in improved effectiveness and efficiency. The utilization of Dynamic 365 Business Suite ensured comprehensive business process enablement, enhancing organizational agility and intelligence.

Senco achieved efficient order management through the integration of CRM with FnO and multiple ecommerce websites. The provision of custom reports and real-time dashboards to senior management empowered them to make faster business decisions.

The use of mobile-based apps enabled mobility, automation, and smooth transactions for store employees and customers. EY employed Artificial Intelligence applications to drive personalized marketing campaigns, branding activities, and schemes. Additionally, Machine Learning aided in predicting customer behavior, identifying patterns, and determining the appropriate customer demographic. 

Creating a connected consumer experience

Collaborating with Microsoft 365 proved to be a transformative move for Senco, as it facilitated retail store analytics for the jewelry brand. Valuable insights were gained, such as understanding the factors that attract and deter customers from the store. This positioned the brand as a leader in the digital transformation of the jewelry industry, ensuring preparedness for the future.

We have customers across various channels, including in-store and online portals. The biggest challenge we faced was the inability to identify and differentiate whether the customer came through in-store or online channels because we were working in silos. Our aim was to consolidate and bring everything onto a single platform, and the CRM application helped us achieve this goal. Although we encountered multiple integration issues, the EY technical team, along with the Senco team, managed to overcome them. From project management to technical support, implementation, and integration, the EY team provided us with the industry's best practices and solutions. We have now successfully integrated all the applications seamlessly into a single portal.
Rajib De
GM-IT, Senco Gold and Diamonds

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