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For new-age businesses on a hyper-growth journey, achieving success with a sustainable and validated growth pace is critical. Our experienced leaders support businesses in implementing agile strategies, growth initiatives, operational excellence, robust monitoring and reporting mechanisms, strong compliance and governance structures.

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Our Strategy and Transactions leaders provide hands-on support to new-age businesses in executing their strategic initiatives and objectives by implementing their vision, through business-specific customized solutions thus optimizing and strengthening internal capabilities.

What can EY’s value-added-services for new-age businesses do for you

With high valuations, record levels of cash burns and fierce competition, new-age businesses increasingly must be able to identify and deliver operational improvements to achieve sustainable high-octane growth.

We prioritize our focus on special situations we know best: complex carve-outs, functional transformations, operational excellence, process improvements and driving initiatives by setting up the strategy office within the company. Whatever be the scenario, we connect our encompassed learnings and expertise from Strategy and Transactions when delivering value-added services.

We help new-age businesses implement a data-backed decision-making culture to accelerate the analysis on growth and deviations, if any, and support in implementing the right strategy by focusing on operational performance improvements. Our experienced team works on the ground to deliver the desired results, for successful implementation of entrepreneurial visions.

We offer deep insights to help you get answers to:

EY’s value-added-services for new-age businesses


We offer the support you need to achieve your objectives


We help nurture, bring to light, establish, and implement your ambitious and aspirational visions. This includes:

  • Strategic options assessment: reviewing the current business plan to assess feasibility and conduct scenario analysis
  • 100-day planning – preparing a  blueprint plan for implementing the strategies and visions
  • Delivery support – providing seasoned leadership, pragmatic PMO and deep functional experience to deliver the special initiative across business functions
  • Simplifying the business to focus on “what matters most” and "what actually drives economic value"



We have built transformational strategic capabilities in assisting businesses to continue and reignite the high-octane growth. Our services reflect: 

  • Traditional growth accelerators (e.g., strengthening current growth strategy, pricing management, portfolio optimization, additional revenue streams)
  • Digital transformation strategies (e.g., digital business models, technology enablement
  • Expansion initiatives (e.g., penetration strategies into new markets and new opportunities)
  • Evolutionary enablers for embracing and enabling change is very critical for sustaining value and achieving readiness for the next leap



We use our cross-domain business expertise to uncover untapped in-house capabilities/solutions to rethink improvements, which will have the potential to be the next growth lever, thus driving efficiency across various functions.

  • We use our experience to realize greater capabilities by integration of various back and front office functions, aligning business activities post acquisition and setting-up of robust best-in-class governance and reporting practices along with a working framework for prompt actions.
  • We support in short and long-term operational interventions:
  • Interim support and improvements in management, business functions, quality governance, etc.
  • Rapid process setup and optimization, wherever required 
  • Procurement and quick cost takeoutcontinuous data driven action planning



We use our knowledge, deep understanding and extensive experience of business functions and processes to identify key performance indicators, growth drivers, trends and patterns to improve and deliver operational efficiencies, cost reduction methods, by diving deep into unit economics granularity.

  • We support in providing interventions to remove bottlenecks across functions and help institute a mechanism and culture of impact tracking and performance dialogues for the businesses to continue with seamless operations.
  • We use our expertise in working capital monitoring and cash management to bring in capital efficiency by optimizing operations at various stages and ensuring rightful resource allocations to maintain healthy ROCE.
  • We further help in validating the operating model to ensure sustainability and high performance by bridging the product-market fit gap and driving the customer-centricity approach.



We support businesses to institutionalize a data-backed decision-making culture, instead of taking intuitive decisions, through dashboards and analysis. We provide enhanced transparency and ability to forecast and optimize liquidity requirements by supporting in freeing-up cash from the balance sheet. We also offer a full range of services to help businesses manage cash in special situations, especially when liquidity is tight, bringing visibility towards cash profitability and support in next fund raise. 

  • Our primary transformative services based on data-backed decision-making solutions include: 
  • Monitoring and reporting through analytics 
  • Working capital optimization
  • Cash forecasting/management to ensure enough runway to fuel the growth plans
  • Variance analysis


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