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EY ESG Compass is a comprehensive digital ecosystem that seeks to help organizations evaluate their ESG maturity levels and adapt a sector-specific strategy, using the power of analytics.

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    Your business challenges

    Organizations are increasingly becoming aware of the need to embrace sustainability and ESG to achieve their long-term sustainability goals. The race to net zero, regulatory push, and evolution of robust global standards are driving investments into sustainability. EY ESG Compass focuses on solving some of these key challenges, including:

    Solution benefits

    EY ESG Compass helps organizations solve business challenges with sustainable operations, emissions tracking, benchmarking insights, performance management, regulatory and bespoke reporting. The solution builds capabilities which help an organization:

    Solution features and functionality

    EY ESG Compass offers capabilities in line with reporting frameworks such as BRSR, SASB and TCFD. The EY ESG Compass platform is a one stop solution and provides global ESG sector metrics repository and self-service analytics along with the following offerings: 

    EY ESG Compass platform provides the underlying foundational capabilities.

    How does it work and page heading.

    EY Sustainable Value Chain Assessment

    Purpose-driven approach for long-term sustainable supply and value chain.

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    ESG Compass IQ 

    Plastic pollution dashboard

    Through our EY ESG Compass IQ, we equip decision-makers with powerful data and insights that drive sustainable actions. By embracing circular approaches and preventing plastic leakage into nature, we can pave the way for a cleaner, healthier environment for all. Join us as we take a stand and shape a sustainable future.  


    Water dashboard

    EY ESG Compass analyzed data sourced from the Central Ground Water Board of India, which encompasses 36 States and Union Territories, 703 Districts, and 6,796 assessment zones, allowing for a deep understanding of ground water requirements.


    Human capital dashboard

    Incredible insights from ~175+ Indian listed enterprises reveal the diversity and inclusion landscape. ESG Data acts as our telescope, providing a panoramic view, and our microscope, allowing us to dive deep into sustainability efforts.



    Why EY

    EY is a leading provider of sustainability services in the market with customized analysis, visualization and reporting capabilities. EY ESG Compass helps create a single source of truth, simplifying collection and use of data leveraging a common ESG model, making it trustworthy for cloud-native solutions.

    • FAQs

      Q1: How does EY ESG Compass get integrated in my technology landscape?

      A1: EY ESG Compass offers a SaaS solution and API connectors that allow seamless integration with ERP systems. The platform includes a support and maintenance model to ensure its smooth operation.

      Q2: What are the visualisation and reporting capabilities within EY ESG Compass?

      A2: Various environmental, social and governance dashboards have been designed to illustrate performance in terms of relevant KPIs, baselines, trends, and comparisons while providing a view across enterprise/entity/BU/site level metrics across the value chain.

      Q3: What types of data sources does EY ESG Compass needs access to?

      A3: Depending on the use case or module, there are some illustrative data sets required by EY ESG Compass such as ERP data (supply chain and human capital), emissions or energy activity data and third-party supplier data.

      Q4: What are the data collection mechanisms to feed data into EY ESG Compass?

      A4: Data is collected from various sources such as, manual data loads, survey forms and API connectors.

      Q5: How does EY ESG Compass ensure security of my data?

      A5: We give utmost importance to data security through cloud security, access management and data governance.

    Our Team

    Chaitanya Kalia
    EY India Climate Change and Sustainability Services Leader

    Nitesh Mehrotra
    EY Partner, Consulting (Sustainability & ESG)

    Alexy Thomas
    EY India Technology Consulting Partner

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