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EY ASpace is a unique enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation platform that empowers enterprises to rapidly adopt and scale AI-based solutions, resulting in faster, smarter and future ready businesses.

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In a highly competitive, global business environment that’s moving faster than ever before, transforming by automating intelligently with artificial intelligence (AI) is the need of the hour. The promise of speed, ease and cost optimization while simplifying complex processes and systems is putting AI in the driver’s seat of organization’s digital transformation.

However, AI adoption in India has been more measured as businesses face challenges, which do not enable them to scale from proof-of-concept to production-grade deployment. Some of the challenges faced by organizations in enterprise AI adoption are:

  • Long AI solution development timelines
  • Data security and privacy concerns
  • Inability to scale from proof-of-concept to production
  • Challenges in creating multiple point solutions
  • Inability to drive direct business consumption

How can EY Artificial intelligence platform, ASpace help

Built on advanced machine learning algorithms and AI models, EY ASpace provide a tailor-made suite of AI solutions specifically designed for enterprise needs. Designed for Data Scientists, Function Heads and Centers of Excellence, ASpace serves as an enterprise-grade platform that can transform the way businesses operate, deliver customer experience, minimize costs, and enhance compliance thus providing a significant competitive edge.

With 30+ pre-built ready-to-deploy solutions, EY ASpace can help you accelerate and help scale AI adoption throughout your organization. It not only enables end to end automation of business processes but also reduces time to deploy AI solutions from months to days.

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Key features of ASpace
  • Built on a powerful suite of 100+ advanced machine learning algorithms and AI models
  • Can be hosted on-premise ensuring data security
  • Ability to create custom solutions over and above 30+ ready to deploy solutions across business processes
  • Combines advanced AI capabilities such as machine learning, deep learning, knowledge extraction, natural language processing, computer vision, thereby, enabling you to create the right solution for your business challenges
  • Automated AI lifecycle for deployment and monitoring
  • Safe and secure integration with enterprise data and applications
Unique Characteristics

AI solutions built on ASpace:

  • Covid-19 response

    AI solutions to help enterprises respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and enable them to prepare for work from home scenarios with Trust AI Face ID solution or return to work with COVID-19 Care Risk AI solution, Covid-19 Care Compliance AI solution and Contactless Salesman AI solution

  • Hospitals

    AI solutions built to aid in cost management and patient experience across the hospital value chain by analyzing anomalies in a hospital’s consumption, predicting patient bills and assisting in creation of EMRs

  • Interaction experience

    AI solutions built to improve the interaction experience between an enterprise and its customers or partners by analyzing customer sentiments, assisting in categorizing product reviews or automating interactions with vendors or partners

  • Finance functions

    AI solutions built to improve the productivity of finance and support functions by automating some of the effort intensive and intelligence driven activities related to KYC documents content extraction, invoice extraction, document language translation, preventing fraud transaction outlier detection and collections assistant for improving cashflows

  • Retail and consumer products

    AI solutions built across the entire retail value chain from AI-based Contactless Salesman solution to automate order placement between retailers and distributors, to solutions such as automated stock monitoring at an aisle in a retail store and attire-based automated compliance check

ASpace has helped organizations minimise costs, improve products, enhance customer experience and stay compliant:


accuracy in product reviews to help a global electronics company improve its products


increase in efficiency with automated triaging and ticket creation based on customer e-mails


audit compliance at a global manufacturing company to plug revenue leakage


cost reduction by identifying anomalies in material consumption


increase in efficiency with automated conversations with vendors for an IT company

Case Study
The better the question The better the answer The better the world works
Case Study

Case study: How AI helped an IT major improve its vendor interaction experience

A global IT company strengthened its vendor relationships through improved quality of interactions and minimized operational costs

Case Study
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Case Study

Are you supporting tomorrow's vendor management with yesterday's technology?

Vendor management receives a technology transformation with AI.

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Vendor management - Technology  transformation with AI
Case Study
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Case Study

Providing an Artificial Intelligence enabled interactive experience

EY developed an agile vendor management solution on ASpace to respond to vendor queries on a real-time basis

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An agile vendor management solution on ASpace
Case Study
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Case Study

A smart experience that is better for vendors and the business

Deployment of ASpace resulted in an improved vendor experience score and reduction in manual effort

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An improved vendor experience score via ASpace

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