Technology, Media & Entertainment, and Telecommunications

When industries converge, new ecosystems thrive

Technology, media and entertainment, and telecommunications (TMT) companies are the building blocks of transformation and will continue to drive economic recovery and our post-pandemic future. Organizations are racing to solidify a niche in the TMT marketplace, but as they grow, they must differentiate themselves from their competitors. They must become adaptive digital enterprises that can quickly adapt to changing markets and economic environments in today’s rapid, unpredictable landscape. 

EY can support navigating this landscape by helping to:

  • Create compelling employee and customer experiences to set you apart in the marketplace
  • Retain skills and talent so you can provide leading class products and services
  • Protect your data, brand and reputation
  • Support your growth agenda by bolstering your M&A pursuits
  • Create and connect ecosystems of industries, partners, service providers and customers to build systemic agility
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