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When industries converge, new ecosystems thrive

Technology, media and entertainment, and telecommunications (TMT) companies are the building blocks of transformation and will continue to drive economic recovery and our post-pandemic future. Organizations are racing to solidify a niche in the TMT marketplace, but as they grow, they must differentiate themselves from their competitors. They must become adaptive digital enterprises that can quickly adapt to changing markets and economic environments in today’s rapid, unpredictable landscape. 

EY can support navigating this landscape by helping to:

  • Create compelling employee and customer experiences to set you apart in the marketplace
  • Retain skills and talent so you can provide leading class products and services
  • Protect your data, brand and reputation
  • Support your growth agenda by bolstering your M&A pursuits
  • Create and connect ecosystems of industries, partners, service providers and customers to build systemic agility
Case Study
The better the question The better the answer The better the world works
Case Study

Case study: How EY enabled digital transformation of an Indian IT major

One of India’s leading IT companies, with revenues more than $ 5b, realized that its strategic growth potential hinged upon digital transformation of its operations.

Case Study
The better the question The better the answer The better the world works
Case Study

How can digital drive a company’s future preparedness?

An Indian IT-solutions major needed to transform the way it operated ꟷ processes, culture, and talent ꟷ to build the base for a digital future.

One of India’s top global IT service companies was facing revenue and profitability challenges. Low margins compared to industry peers, India’s rapidly depleting labor cost advantage and skill obsolescence collectively contributed to low operating margins and falling share prices.

Digital future readiness how do companies prepare – EY India
Case Study
The better the question The better the answer The better the world works
Case Study

A digital mindset can set the path for growth, operational and delivery excellence, and financial efficiency

EY helped an Indian IT major align with its strategic growth objectives through digital transformation of its strategy, operations, delivery, sales and skills

With an objective to improve its financial and operating performance, the company partnered with EY for a strategic initiative with the following objectives:

  • Growth through digital transformation
  • Improvement of operations and financial processes through techniques like lean   
  • Improvement of people productivity and skill development
  • Improve delivery by embedding automation and new age delivery into client delivery. 

A cross-functional 18-month global initiative

EY put together a multi-disciplinary team to work with the company’s senior leadership to put a digital transformation strategy and program in motion. The EY team worked to bring about strategic differentiation through the following:

  • Developed a digital growth path cutting across products, marketing, talent and operations
  • Built digital solutions, integrated existing platforms and modernized legacy offerings to align with the company’s growth path
  • Overhauled financial processes for managing expenses, reporting obligation and managing budgets
  • Introduced data and analytics at the heart of the business, i.e., operations, to help executives take decisions based on lag and lead indicators
  • Embedded automation and AI in the delivery of customer programs
  • Managed multi-disciplinary change across global locations by enabling people, solutions, messaging, behaviors and skills
  • Built a skill academy to power performance improvements through productivity, output quality and skill development

How EY secured a digital future for a global IT-services company

  • Growth

    • Digital solutions
    • Integration of existing platforms
    • Legacy platform modernization
  • Delivery

  • Change

    • Culture
    • Communications
    • Training
    • Talent management
  • Skills and platforms

    • Digital skills academy
    • Sales training
    • New age delivery
    • Analytics based decision making
Digital transformation – Paving a new path towards digital world via EY India
Case Study
The better the question The better the answer The better the world works
Case Study

Designed and delivered: a future-ready digital organization

Besides gaining a strong financial position, the company is now equipped for a digital future.

Within a month of the project’s conclusion, the company saw improvements to its financial performance. The initiative led to an upliftment in margins and delivered sustainable change.


EBIDTA improvement


improvement in market cap

EY became a trusted and reliable partner for the IT solutions company. It ensured that the initiative was coordinated and purposeful across the company’s different functions, geographies and markets.

These initiatives were co-led by EY and the company’s senior leaders, including the CEO and the COO. EY’s cross-functional and cross-industry team comprised of more than 80 professionals, including local and global experts, consultants and technologists.

Building a future ready organization – EY India


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