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EY teams’ approach to Customer Experience (CX), rooted in empathy and purpose, helps you generate the right insights to build differentiated, high-impact customer experiences that add long-term value to the customer, your organization and society.  

Your business challenge

Organizations must adapt to colliding forces to stay relevant in today’s marketplace. Emerging technologies, raised customer expectations for better experiences (regardless of sector) and shareholder push to create loyalty have forced organizations to ask the following questions:

  • How can we improve customer, employee and citizen experience to create enduring relationships and sustainable, long-term value?

  • How can we create better outcomes for our customers and stakeholders and drive purposeful growth?

  • How are we keeping up to date with, and responding to, ever-changing customer needs and expectations?

  • What are we doing to eliminate friction points for our customers and drive a more relevant, personalized experience?

  • How can we better connect employees with our business purpose and improve engagement?
  • How can we use technology and data to automate and orchestrate across all of our channels and improve customer experience?

Solution benefits

EY teams can help you drive CX transformation and rigorously design and prioritize customer experiences that set you apart in the market and drive accelerated growth. Benefits include:

  • Generating innovation across the business  

  • Finding new sources of value by prioritizing customer experience investments targeting to “moments that matter”

  • Creating a culture that continuously iterates and improves customer experiences 

Solution features & functionality

  • Sustainable growth and value creation

    At EY, we believe great CX, designed with empathy and purpose, creates long-term value. In the digital age, customers seek organizations that understand their behavior based on human needs and data — not data alone. Focusing on purpose and sustainable value creation, rather than growth at any cost, helps organizations create enduring relationships with their customers and employees.    

    • Understand customer needs and behavior, identify pain points, and predict impact on customer value and business outcomes
    • Ideate, prototype, and test new experiences to meet and exceed customer expectations and generate positive business impact
    • Implement and iterate on new experiences
    • Organize resources, build capabilities, and implement data and tech to exceed customer expectations at scale
  • Designed with the customer at heart

    EY teams support companies in generating the right insights, designing the best experiences and making CX really happen. Organizations can then make the leap from a product/service- focus to a customer- focus by building an exceptional experience matched to customer preferences and perceptions of value.

    • Help deliver the right “thing” at the right moment
    • Connect the full customer journey and make it relevant
    • Anticipate needs and reduce friction
    • Shift from campaigns to relationships
    • Optimize dynamically at the human level  
  • A data-driven experience

    EY teams approach to customer experience helps organizations deliver superior experiences and stay relevant by focusing on the following six dimensions:

    • A clear vision with key performance indicators (KPIs), embraced by all teams to create focus, consistency and priorities
    • High-quality data capture and usage to understand people and pain points and to deliver relevant interactions
    • A modern and flexible tech stack enabling seamless and personalized experiences at scale
    • An agile and non-siloed organization that allows for effective collaboration and quick changes
    • A human-centered mindset and culture, where customers come first everywhere, from products to brand marketing and aftersales
    • Future proof skills (e.g., UX, service design, data science) that allow for easy, effective and memorable experiences 

Why EY

EY organization professionals and world-class design and engineering network can help you solve the toughest CX challenges and transform your customer experience to create long-term, sustainable value for customers, employees, the business and society.

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