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The rapid emergence of D2C strategies is reshaping the consumer goods industry. We can help you define where, when and how D2C can transform your business and implement better ways of using D2C to meet the changing needs of consumers.

What EY can do for you

Digital technology has permeated the consumer lifestyle. Consumers today are mobile-empowered and better informed than ever before. They are accessible through — and highly influenced by — social media.

And they want their needs and desires to be met at lightning speed — making the need for businesses to meet the consumer’s wishes quickly more important than ever.

The EY Direct to Consumer (D2C) solution can help consumer products and retail companies establish a direct, data- and tech-driven two-way relationship between their brands and consumers, stakeholders and influencers. And it can support experiences, transactions, communication and collaboration across multiple channels. 

Using our open, full-stack platform to build D2C capabilities fast, our solution can help businesses to:

  • Boost profitable growth in traditional channels through the ability to gain detailed and rich consumer insights
  • Develop stronger brand equity by supporting the end-to-end customer experience and engagement across multiple touchpoints 
  • Reduce channel costs and improve margins by avoiding retailer discounting and cross-brand promotions 
  • Exploit the full potential of innovations, with the flexibility to test new products easily and quickly without compromising the shelf space of other products
  • Personalize the value proposition and expand the geographical spread and diversity of the customer base

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