Long-term Value

Long-term value is created by focusing on a broad set of stakeholders, with a distinct purpose in mind, to sustain a business for the long term.

Today, societies demand greater responsibility from the organizations they work for, buy from and invest in. 

At EY, we believe capital and talent will shift from organizations that only create value for their shareholders to those that create value in the long term, across a broader group of stakeholders, including employees, consumers, suppliers, communities, government, investors and shareholders.

Organizations that anchor their strategies to a meaningful purpose, with a focus on creating long-term, sustainable impact across stakeholders, are best positioned to benefit from, demonstrate and measure the value they create.

At EY, we are constantly learning through our own purpose journey, Building a better working world, and have applied the long-term value framework to help define and measure our ambition, building on our work with The Embankment Project for Inclusive Capitalism (EPIC) and our most recent participation in the development of Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics in partnership with the WEF IBC.

We believe this makes us uniquely suited to help organizations consider a broader set of stakeholders when defining their purpose, setting their strategy, transforming their business and measuring and reporting the value they create.

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