Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) maturity assessment

CSRD is known as the Gold Standard for sustainability reporting frameworks as it considerably enlarges the scope of companies that must disclose sustainability information and brings forward new requirements.

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  • European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS)

    To be released in June 2024:

    • Sector-specific standards
    • Standards for small and medium sized entities (SMEs)
    • Standards for non-EU companies (reporting requirement third country companies)
  • European Sustainability Reporting Standards Vs GRI

    EY teams support you to help establish your roadmap for ESG reporting readiness with the following:

    • Business model strategy and value chain

      Evaluate how well the business model and strategy comply with the shift to a sustainable economy under the Paris Climate Agreement Plan and help implement policies and due diligence process for the value chain.

    • ESG material topics

      EY teams can help identify ESGmaterial topics based on a stakeholder dialogue in accordance with the double materiality concept.

    • ESG risk management

      Perform an ESG risk and opportunities assessment, including risk appetite. Help integrate ESG risks to a company’s existing risk management process. 

    • Decarbonization

      Help develop a net-zero strategy and carbon-reduction targets by leveraging climate scenario modelling tools. 

    • Governance

      Help identify roles and responsibilities of the governance bodies with regard to sustainability matters and risk management.

    • Metrics and targets

      Help develop policies, targets action plans and resources for ESG material topics.

    • Reporting

      Help integrate ESG KPIs into a monitoring framework, including design methodology, definitions, data collection processes.

      Support drafting of the ESG Integrated report.

    • Assurance readiness

      Assess assurance readiness of data process flows and internal control activities so that your ESG information is assurance-ready. 

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