Photographic portrait of Charanjit S Attra
In the times when digital technologies are disrupting business models, we aim to present new opportunities to the CFOs to transform the finance function to provide digital, more accurate, faster and relevant information with a forward-looking view.

Charanjit S Attra

EY India Financial Services and Financial Accounting Advisory Services (FAAS) Partner

FS industry expert, team builder. Passionate about diversity, inclusiveness and innovation. Technology oriented, strategist and lateral thinker. Loves cricket and watching movies.

Charanjit Attra is a Partner in Financial Accounting Advisory Services (FAAS) for India at EY. He specializes in Indian GAAP, US GAAP, IFRS and SEC regulations.

Charanjit has over 20 years of experience in working across various industry sectors with financial service as the core area. He is been instrumental in providing guidance to stakeholders on areas such as implementation of accounting for derivatives and loan loss provisioning.

With a wealth of experience, working on various committees, Charanjit offers a strategic view on accounting, diagnostics and reporting/disclosure business impacts analysis for clients across sectors.

He is a chartered accountant from India and cleared the CPA from Colorado Denver in the United States. 

How Charanjit is building a better working world

“In his role, Charanjit drives 360-degree transformation, with focus on introducing digital solutions in the finance function. He is continuously evolving as a thought leader in financial services sector by meeting the needs of clients, with a focus on providing quality driven work, unique client experience and build a better working world for all.

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