Photographic portrait of Yugesh Aglawe
Disruptions will be the norm. Organizations should use technology to improve their visibility across the extended supply chain and to build decision support systems. The right balance between lean operations and business continuity is critical.

Yugesh Aglawe

EY India Team Asterisk Leader and Partner

Supply chain expert and a technology enthusiast with over 15 years of experience. Focused on digitally transforming the value chain.

Yugesh’s over 15 years of experience across consulting, industry and technology domains is filled with client success stories as well as interesting learning experiences.

Yugesh helps his clients to win by building game-changing capabilities in their supply chains through large-scale transformation exercises. While he is a supply chain specialist, he also brings a rich experience of having driven programs for sales and procurement transformation.

His clients range from mid-sized family-owned Indian firms to large multinational companies across Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), auto original equipment manufacturers, tyre, paints and brown goods sectors. Yugesh has also lead operations for the over the counter arm of an India-based pharmaceuticals multi-national.

Yugesh has played a pivotal role in the conceptualization and development of ‘Team ASTERISK’, EY’s R&D and Delivery Organization for supply chain. His techno-functional team has built ASTERISK SC Planning Solutions, a suite of 14 integrated tech-tools for supply chain planning.

Yugesh is well-known in the supply chain community and is a regular speaker at various industry forums.

How Yugesh is building a better working world

“Yugesh believes that organizations should view supply chain as a key component of their customer value proposition rather than looking at it from a myopic cost-reduction perspective. It has been his passion to drive programs that combine innovative use of technology with human behavioral engineering to build transformational supply chain capabilities that can help his clients win in their markets.”

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