Sustaining Sustainability

Sustaining Sustainability: In conversation with Mastek on its ESG strategy and execution

As organizations embed sustainability and ESG parameters into their corporate goals, EY helps them build suitable frameworks and take meaningful actions for maximum sustainability impact. In the ‘Sustaining Sustainability’ podcast series, we explore how some of the leading global organizations are building a better working world by adopting technology and innovation in their sustainability journey.

In the first episode, Nitesh Mehrotra, EY India Partner Sustainability & ESG and podcast host speaks to Vimal Dangri, Lead, Sustainability & ESG, Mastek Limited, a leading organization in enterprise-level digital engineering and cloud transformation business, on the company’s sustainability strategy and execution. 

Key takeaways

  • As part of its ESG roadmap, Mastek has created ESG metrics and benchmarks, built capacities in its operations globally, and digitized its ESG roadmap.
  • The firm aims to achieve 40% gender diversity as well as carbon neutrality by FY26.
  • While skill availability and retention are a challenge for many IT companies, it is also an opportunity to source talent from new locations, which widens the talent landscape.
  • To increase transparency and help investors make long-term decisions, the firm has included ESG in the risk management and governance committee’s charter. 
Climate change and global warming increasing at an alarming rate are the key sustainability challenges that every industry faces. This is including the tech sector, considering its high dependency on electricity due to automations and digitization.
Vimal Dangri
Lead, Sustainability & ESG, Mastek Limited
Sustainability is a marathon and not a sprint. It is a long and complex journey; one that is constantly evolving.
Nitesh Mehrotra
Partner, Sustainability and ESG, EY India

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Nitesh Mehrotra
Partner, Sustainability and ESG, EY India


Duration 12m 04s