Indirect taxes and global trade

In recent years, issues related to managing indirect taxes — such as VAT, GST, customs and excise duties — have risen on the corporate agenda.

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        What EY can do for you

        Knowing the indirect tax rules for your business operations and applying them correctly are key to avoid assessments, penalties and goods blocked on airports, harbors, roads, etc. Taxpayers and tax administrators do not always agree about the rules. Complex local legislation, evolving business models and widely different compliance obligations in different jurisdictions add to the risk of disagreements.

        We can advise you on the steps to take to strategically meet your tax obligations and resolve tax controversy. We foster an open dialogue with customs authorities, government officials, business partners and other stakeholders about customs and international trade issues, the impact of policy decisions and the importance of free trade.

        EY Trade Analytics

          The latest edition of TradeWatch, issue 3, 2020 is out now

          The latest issue of our regular TradeWatch (pdf) publication outlines key legislative and administrative developments for customs and trade around the world, with links to EY resources, interactive graphics and maps. It features sections on Technology, Tax Alerts and Brexit as well as Insights from the following jurisdictions:


          • Brazil: Tax reform may impact customs special regimes
          • Mexico: Changes to customs rules for 2020 impacting maquiladoras and other regimes 
          • US: Customs issues guidance on Section 321 
          • US: Trade actions continue to be in the spotlight
          • US: Actions toward Hong Kong give rise to additional trade complexity 


          • Asia-Pacific: The changing trade landscape in the region
          • Asia-Pacific/India: Increasing the burden of free trade agreement compliance
          • Indonesia: The changing dynamics of dealing with Customs
          • New Zealand: Transfer pricing adjustments and customs
          • South Korea: Revisions to Customs laws 
          • Vietnam: Post-clearance audit management and latest trends

          Europe, Middle East, India and Africa

          • Africa: How a trade pact is positioning Africa for economic success
          • EU: European Commission publishes new guidance on customs valuation
          • EU: Free of charge supplied software should be added to the customs value
          • EU: New rules for applying tariff quota in agricultural sector as of 1 January 2021
          • EU: Royalty paid for know-how may need to be added to customs value
          • Export controls: Sanction lists and data protection
          • What multiple waves of disruption mean for tax and trade in Europe


          • Is there any certainty in today’s challenging trade times?
          • EU-Vietnam: Free Trade Agreement and Investment Protection Agreement
          • Sustainable trade: Supporting the green agenda
          • How trade finance can operate effectively in the wake of COVID-19 
          • Our global trade webcasts

          Why TradeWatch?

          In today's global economy, moving goods internationally can be a complex and costly activity. TradeWatch (pdf) provides timely information about customs and international trade developments to help our clients develop strategies to manage duty costs and the risks of global trade, to improve trade compliance and to increase the operational effectiveness of international supply chains.

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