E-Learning Certificate in Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a disruptive force in multiple areas of the business enterprise, business to individual, governance and social transactions. Today is a unique stage in the growth of blockchain technology, as the industry and experts are visualizing various use cases that are made possible by blockchain.

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This e-learning certificate course is suitable for technology and business professionals who want to understand the methodology of blockchain and its application across industries. The core concepts and blockchain platform, its growth and evolution and all the use cases it is relevant to are discussed in detail. At the same time all the foundational elements of building applications on Ethereum, Hyperledger and Quorum are presented. The code samples that are demonstrated are available with the course content for download.

Broader course agenda

  1. Understand the building blocks of blockchain systems
  2. Create a demonstration blockchain pseudocode
  3. Understand the core propositions of popular industry platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger and Quorum
  4. Setup these platforms for building integrated applications
  5. Understand the revolutionary smart contract concepts on Ethereum and Hyperledger
  6. Differentiate the core perspectives of private enterprise blockchain and public blockchain
  7. Understand the private transaction concept of Quorum
  8. Understand the various use cases on different verticals

Benefits of the program

The program will help the participants to –

  1.  Understand core concepts of blockchain technology and platform 
  2.  Build applications on Ethereum, Hyperledger and Quorum
  3.  Integrating applications with blockchain technology
  4.  Understand the concept of smart contracts and its usage
  5.  Understand public blockchain vs. private blockchain
  6.  Gain knowledge on the usage of blockchain technology across various domains

Key deliverables

  • 12+ hours of eLearning videos
  • Six months of access to EY Virtual Academy
  • Assessment and other relevant material
  • E-Certificate of completion (on clearing assessment)
  • Query support through a dedicated email id

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Cost of the program

  • INR 15,000 + applicable taxes per participant (for blockchain with Hyperledger and Ethereum)
  • INR 20,000 + applicable taxes per participant (for blockchain with Hyperledger, Ethereum and Quorum)

EY will award a Certificate of Completion to participants at the end of the program.

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