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Explore the megatrends that are shaping entire industries and help us redraw the blurred lines between increasingly connected businesses.

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How EY enabled digital transformation of an Indian IT major

One of India’s leading IT companies, with revenues more than $ 5b, realized that its strategic growth potential hinged upon digital transformation of its operations.

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Make an impact across industries

Where will you make an impact? What makes your heart beat faster? Automotive? Clean energy? The changing face of retail? Healthcare for an aging world population? Banking’s digital future?

At EY, you can grow into a sector professional with deep knowledge on subjects that interest you today, as well as those you've never encountered. You can inspire change throughout the whole working world.

At EY, people join our purpose-led culture of innovation, growth and leadership to create a better working world. They achieve this by solving complex problems that require scale, technologies, teams and a sophisticated learning environment.

Guru Malladi

EY India Innovation and
Business Development Leader


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Industries, reimagined

Where an industry stops, starts and goes next is the challenge we face. We are working to reimagine what an industry is — or could be — because as technology and ideas converge to create new businesses, the traditional lines between industries begin to fade.

Here at EY, you’ll be at the forefront of this change, exploring how technology, innovation and automation are connecting businesses, governments and societies in exciting new ways. You’ll discover how the latest innovations are opening up new possibilities, and how today’s citizens are expecting more innovative ideas from their employers, their cities, and their governments.  

We will give you insight into rapid changes that are taking place across industries. You'll see how the whole business world is connected, from the regulatory requirements that maintain confidence, to the megatrends driving global change and industry upheaval.

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Embracing megatrends across industries

The world has changed. AI, robotics and VR will remake society. In the context of this transformation, we need to continuously ask ourselves the most basic questions. What is an industry? What is a business? What is a consumer?

The answers to these questions shape the way we look at industries today, and how you’ll look at them tomorrow. In the future, you might ask: how can we define an automotive industry that’s full of autonomous vehicles? How will the medical industry be regulated when the best doctors and surgeons are computers? How is big data driving the convergence of payments and lending?

As well as changing the way we look at — and define — industries, here at EY, we also see an incredible opportunity to make a positive impact. There’s never been a more exciting time to help us drive the megatrends that are changing the world.

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How EY optimized the supply chain of a leading Indian MNC

EY helped a leading FMCG company optimize vendor costs, eliminate redundancies, and create a common sales and operations platform.

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Shape the future of Financial Services

With industries being reimagined, and megatrends driving fundamental change, financial markets must also anticipate — and embrace — market trends.

Here at EY, we play an integral role in the functioning of global capital markets and the wider business world. As industries evolve, so too does regulation and legislation.

Your career in Financial Services will be truly global. You’ll take a wider view of the business world, while focusing in one of three key areas: Wealth and Asset Management, Banking and Capital Markets, and Insurance. It’s an exciting time to be involved Financial Services. You’ll have to adapt to complex challenges, embrace lifelong learning and continue to grow your understanding of how the whole business world is connected.