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The EY-Parthenon strategy consulting teams help educate leaders, anticipate the future, and develop strategies that create, preserve, and recover value for long-term success.

What the EY-Parthenon education strategy consulting teams can do for you

The disruption caused by the pandemic, digital technologies and shifting demographics in the global education sector is unprecedented. The sector is facing challenges on many fronts: contrasting age support ratios in different geographies; new technologies; increased demand for blended or flexible learning; limitations in access to resources and geography on one hand and wider digital distribution on the other; enhanced domestic education policies; and need for personalized content. Education providers need to rethink their approach toward strategy and execution with the aim of tapping market niches, adapt to new government policies, and utilize EdTech. As building a sustainable world is the new imperative, quality education is a priority. The EY-Parthenon education consulting strategists help clients negotiate the changing currents in the sector so that they not only adapt but also adopt strategies in terms of globalization-driven skill sets and new collaborations. 

With broad experience and deep sector knowledge, the education strategy consulting professionals at EY-Parthenon are helping leaders overcome challenges with bespoke, all-encompassing growth strategy plans, due diligence services and implementation support. Our professionals find solutions to specific issues through our toolkit of primary and secondary research, stakeholder engagement, and quantitative analysis.

We have dedicated consultants in the following five segments of the education sector: 

  • Growth strategy for the government and foundations

    The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the vast inequities in our educational system and pointed to specific societal needs that institutions can no longer ignore. Many central and state organizations as well as foundations in the education sector are revisiting their short- and long-term strategies to reform the system. As a leading strategy organization in the education space, EY-Parthenon helps institutions develop an overall growth strategy with 1) detailed execution plans to combat these issues; and 2) hands-on support to facilitate success.

  • Pre-K and K-12 schools and school chains

    EY-Parthenon teams offer end-to-end consulting services for Pre-K-12 institutions, including market needs assessment, strategic planning, student or school performance analytics, financial advisory, operational improvement, and organizational redesign. Our clients comprise education delivery providers, including Pre-K and K-12 schools, school chains, ministries of education, leading foundations, international operators, non-profits, large corporates, and membership associations involved in K-12 education. We have helped education operators align talent and budget against strategic initiatives related to learning acceleration, teacher lifecycle management, and system-level change. We also support specific needs related to grants management, cybersecurity, technology systems and networking, building portfolios, compensation schedules, and strategic build-out.

    In addition, EY-Parthenon competitive exam coaching institutes better align their short-term and long-term goals. Our teams aim to assess the clients’ performance and formulate interventions to improve the clients’ market performance across geographies.

  • Higher education institutions

    EY-Parthenon teams help higher education institutions transform and thrive in practical and sustainable ways. Our services include identifying opportunities for differentiation through internationalization, digital learning, flexible curriculum, optimizing the education delivery and service model, developing efficient and sustainable organizational structures, and managing transformative processes through partnerships or collaborations. We bring analysis and insights from global best practices to empower higher education leaders to achieve the full potential of their institution.

    In addition, EY-Parthenon consultants help offline and online TVET institutes formulate end-to-end strategies, from developing optimal product portfolios after aligning the stakeholders’ visions to devising and executing their plans.

  • EdTech

    Our professionals help EdTech platforms chart their unique growth path. The consulting teams provide insights on the competitive landscape, help conduct market analysis, devise go-to-market strategies, help raise funds and support through processes that include organic or inorganic growth such as acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures, or even divestments. We offer practical, hands-on assistance to our clients based on their chosen growth path.

  • Global investors

    EY-Parthenon clients include venture capital, private equity, and large strategic investors. The education teams provide due diligence services to conduct market analysis and competitive benchmarking, assess end-customer needs, review operational models and form exit hypotheses. We identify education investment opportunities to help produce short- and long-term value in current investments. From the pre-contract stage through the eventual integration (or separation, both buy and sell-side), EY-Parthenon education strategy consulting teams help guide decision-making and provide end-to-end execution assistance.

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