Kuldip Singh Dhingra & Gurbachan Singh Dhingra

Berger Paints

Kuldip Singh Dhingra & Gurbachan Singh Dhingra

Kuldip Singh Dhingra and Gurbachan Singh Dhingra are Chairman and Vice- Chairman, respectively, of Berger Paints India Limited, the flagship company in the Berger Paints India Group. They took over the company in 1990 from the UB Group and led it to its current position as the second largest paint
company in India.

Berger Paints India Group has operations in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Russia, Poland, UK, France, Ukraine, and the listed entities in India and Bangladesh
have a combined market cap of approximately INR 55,450 crore. During the period 2000-2019, the company’s market capitalization grew 115 times.

Berger Paints India Limited (BPIL), dates back to 1923. It has joint ventures with Becker Coatings of Sweden for coil coatings, mobile coatings, TVs and other speciality coatings; with Nippon Paints of Japan for automotive OEM’s (three-wheelers and passenger cars); with Rock Paints of Japan for automotive refinishes and with Hesse GmbH of Germany for wood coatings. Berger acquired 100% of Jenson & Nicholson Nepal and the Motors and Industrial business of ICI India. Berger has also acquired 100% of Bolix S.A. Poland, a boutique ETICS (External Thermal Insulation and Composite Systems) player in Poland in 2008, as well as 100% of the decorative paint business of Sherwin Williams in India in 2013, Saboo Coatings Pvt. Ltd, a speciality industrial coatings player in 2017 and 95.5% of STP Ltd, (erstwhile Shalimar Tar Products) in November 2019.

Berger India is a leader in coil and protective coatings with paint projects in iconic structures like the Bogibeel bridge in Assam and the Chenab bridge in J&K. With the help of innovative products and services like Easy Clean, Weather Coat AntiDustt and eXpress Painting services, it has managed to become a leading player in the decorative category. Whether it is product premiumization, new market growth or industry consolidation, Mr. Kuldip Singh Dhingra and Mr. Gurbachan Singh Dhingra have been perfect with their timing when it comes to finding opportunities in challenges and making the most of these opportunities.