Additional digital finance tools

EY integrates a number of digital tools and technologies. These include EY Process Miner, and latest enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as, SAP S/4 Hana, Oracle Applications R12 and Blackline, as required in our offerings, to enhance clients’ business outcomes in this transformative age.

EY Process Miner

Today’s bookkeeping systems and ERP systems store many of the users’ and systems’ actions in log files. The process of using these log files to reconstruct and evaluate IT-driven processes is called process mining.

The EY Process Miner is a tool to help clients manage business risks by analyzing recorded users’ and systems’ actions in order to improve their process flows.

This helps to build trust in business operations and financial reporting.

Digital Fast Close

The solution helps generate working schedules with end-to-end financial analytics. It leverages partner tools such as Blackline. It looks at addressing reporting, regulatory information, reconciliations, traceability, Delegation of Authority (DoA) analysis (for better control) and reviews financial, operational and risk data at multiple levels across various IT application systems.

The focus is on automation of typical activities for periodic book closing and helping controllers analyze trends based on financial data and actionable insights in key revenue and expense provisions.

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