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With hybrid working and remote hiring in the wake of the pandemic, employment frauds are on the rise. Hence, EY teams are dedicated to harnessing the power of data and technology to help organizations hire resources with verified profiles, enabling a glitch-free recruitment process.

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With companies undergoing a sea change in the wake of the pandemic, and the concept of a hybrid workplace gaining prominence, the process of employee onboarding has undergone a major overhaul too. Remote hiring, while opening job opportunities and a chance for companies to hire from across the world, has given rise to unprecedented incidences of employment fraud. Not only has this hampered pre-employment proceedings but also endangered the reputation of the organization with under-qualified and inexperienced resources representing them across platforms. EY teams can help companies mitigate this threat, enabling them to hire verified candidates.

Faking false identity, hiding information, falsifying facts, placing proxy attendees during work evaluation, multiple affiliations, Deep Fakes using a collection of images, videos, and audio to generate identity, job scams, moonlighting, and phishing attacks on job portals are just some frauds that have come to light in the hiring space in recent times. This leaves employers in a highly vulnerable position, trying to cover all bases at once and verify each nugget of information in the prospective employee's resume. Especially with the gig economy, it becomes virtually impossible  to trace back all employee claims.

EY teams can help companies:

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Enlisting the services of EY virtual Trusted Verification can help organizations secure their recruitment process against the rising menace of employment fraud. It will not only simplify the hiring procedure but also make it compliant with organizations’ standards.

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