EY’s value-driven Application Managed Services on Microsoft technologies

EY’s Managed Services offering on Microsoft technologies ensures “future-proofing” of business applications and derives maximum value from your investment in enterprise business applications through improved application performance, continuous enhancement, and large-scale technology adoption.

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Our Services

  • Application support for Microsoft D365 and Power Platform

We provide our ever-growing experience and technical knowledge to manage your Microsoft D365 applications and provide adequate support for smooth functioning of the application. We provide 3 models of support.

  • Application maintenance and performance management for Microsoft D365 and Power Platform
    1. On-site Support
    2. Off-Site / Centralized Support
    3. Hybrid Support (On-site + Centralized Support)
  • Application maintenance and performance management for Microsoft D365 and Power Platform

We evaluate and analyze D365 applications and provide our recommendations for performance optimization at various levels.  The recommendations are provided on on-premises as well as on-line setups.

  • Enhancements and customizations for Microsoft D365 and Power Platform

We undertake change requests and configuration changes and provision the requirement of the business with the help of a certified team of developers specialized in D365 Applications development. Our team will not only maintain the application for you, but also  modify and evolve them as per business needs. Our professionals are not just support resources. With clear understanding of the internal workings of your application, and their technical acumen in D365 applications, they would be best positioned to evolve your application.

  • Implementation of center of excellence for Microsoft D365 and Power Platform

We deploy large-scale center of excellence for implementation, customization, maintenance, support, and upkeep of Microsoft D365 applications. Our center of excellence becomes a one-stop-shop to ensure that your investments in Microsoft business applications stay protected.

We also set up center of excellence to drive enterprise digitization and citizen-development through a low-code-no-code development platform like Microsoft Power Platform.  Our industry-experts and technology champions work closely with the user community to foster citizen-development and ensure adoption.

How EY can help

  • Global Clients – We have large, experienced teams that are seasoned to provide MS D365 applications support to its global customers. We support multiple clients globally in various industries.
  • Knowledge built over years - Our subject matter resources are well versed in their fields to provide best in class service, ensuring our clients can focus on their mission critical tasks. EY achieves delivery excellence by
    • Deploying highly skilled teams
    • Keeping pace with the business
    • Introducing innovation and industry best practices
    • Focusing on automation of manual and repetitive tasks and increasing TAT
    • Enabling support by subject matter experts
    • Ensuring high system availability
    • Robust and dedicated governance
    • Root cause analysis for proactive problem management
  • Running complex application management Center of Excellence (CoE) - Experience in setting up and running application management CoE for complex global implementations. This includes maintenance, upkeep, support as well as enhancements and performance improvement to keep the solution relevant and the usage high. 

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