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Incentive insights: Maharashtra IT/ITES Policy and its impact on investment

In the inaugural episode of our ‘India state incentives’ series on EY India Insights podcast, we examine the revamped Maharashtra IT/ITES Policy 2023, exploring the impact it is likely to have on companies and investment opportunities in the IT sector in the state. Bhavesh Thakkar, Partner at EY India's Tax and Regulatory Services shares insights on the policy's coverage, eligibility criteria for incentives, and its unique approach toward incentivizing investments in emerging technologies. Join us as we take a comprehensive look at the various incentives that make Maharashtra an attractive destination for IT and ITES companies.

In conversation with:

Bhavesh Thakkar

Bhavesh Thakkar
EY India Tax and Regulatory Services Partner

Key takeaways

  • The 2023 Maharashtra IT/ITES Policy presents enticing incentives, promoting investments in emerging technologies and less developed regions within the state.
  • By categorizing regions into zones, the policy aims to ensure economic equilibrium by granting more substantial benefits to underdeveloped areas.
  • This policy covers a wide spectrum, including IT, ITES, and emerging technologies, nurturing innovation and streamlining processes via an online platform.
The Maharashtra IT/ITES Policy 2023 is distinct from other states as it proposes to incentivize not just pure IT/ITES companies, but also data centers, AVGC units and units supporting emerging technologies.
Bhavesh Thakkar
EY India Tax and Regulatory Services Partner

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