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Dynamic and disrupted markets, geopolitical uncertainty and ever-growing corporate transparency are putting increasing pressure on companies’ liquidity and cash flows. We help companies forecast, monitor and free up cash via robust, actionable methodologies.

What the EY liquidity and working capital team can do for you

The global network of dedicated working capital EY professionals helps clients identify, evaluate and prioritize actionable improvements to liberate significant cash from working capital through sustainable changes to commercial and operational policies, processes, metrics and procedure adherence.

We can assist organizations in their transition to a cash-focused culture by identifying areas for improvement and helping to implement the relevant metrics. EY teams can also help businesses to address immediate and short-term liquidity challenges of the type generated by threats of covenant breach or revenue disruption. In addition to cash performance transformation, we also support the acquisition and disposal agenda of our private and corporate clients, securing value through a sale process and identifying potential cash risks and upsides on potential acquisition. 

Working capital improvement initiatives create sustainable value. In addition to increased levels of cash and enhanced cash management process and tools embedded in normal operating routines, significant cost benefits may also arise from productivity improvements, reduced transaction and operational costs, and lower levels of bad debts and inventory obsolescence. Focusing on working capital can help organizations to work collaboratively and cross-functionally and improved processes can also improve quality of services, both internally and externally. 

We use a wide range of analytical techniques to rapidly identify drivers of opportunity and areas for further focus, including using interactive digital visualizations. Our analytics identify, evaluate and communicate key issues to management and the wider business. These can be provided on an ongoing basis, hosted and managed by us.

Wherever you do business, our working capital professionals can be there to help.

The benefits of strong liquidity and working capital management

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