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Front/Back End

EY DET with Front/Back-end Technologies Hub provides end-to-end experience technology and digital front/back-end implementation services. Multiple and cutting-edge services support our Company's Clients of different commodity types to engage customers through various channels (e.g., users B2B, B2C, B2B2C, B2E), help create digital products, and provide IT capabilities to build and manage digital products.

EY Applications Front/Back-end Technologies Hub

The main capabilities of the EY Front/Back-end Technologies Hub are to work in an agile mode to suggest and deliver better solutions in the shortest possible time thanks to our delivery Hub.

A key capability is to use the best and latest software development practices and orchestrate workflows to the best of our ability, improving and fixing any existing bugs while optimizing cost and performance.

EY Team Expertise

EY Front/Back End Technologies Hub supports the most common and cutting-edge capabilities, providing ad hoc expertise on demand, according to Service Unit specifications, and applicable solutions through core skills and competencies grew over years of continuous improvement.

Among the main specific knowledge, for which our reality has reputable Specialists and advanced Tools, we can mention the following:

Cybersecurity - Manage risk and innovate with confidence




Custom HTML5

SPA and PWA development


Native Mobile Apps



Kotlin and iOS


Cross platform and Hybrid APPS





Full Stack Development







Content Management Services & Omnichannel Integration


Custom PHP


Custom HTML5



API, Middleware & Back End integration




Java Spring




RESTful and microservices

Microservices & Container







Digital Strategy / Cloud Architecture (Mobile/Web solutions)

Azure Frontend Solutions (App Services, Kubernetes, Docker, Application Insight, Microservices)

AWS microservices and container solutions

Azure Cloud




EY Front/Back-end Technologies Hub Solutions and LyfeCicle

Our Solution Lifecycle Model and Services are among the best in the market due to multi-year experience and references from the largest Global companies our on-going Partners.

EY Front/Back-end Technologies Hub covers the end-2-end solution lifecycle by working closely with Business Consulting to design and deliver services.

Our Service Catalogue consists of 4 main phases, promptly defined, and tested over 15 years of experience and a Team of 200 resources in continually training and increasing growth.

  • Solution Architecture: Definition of a custom-made IT architecture to meet project objectives. Design the overall IT enterprise architecture for the digital product Design the omnichannel integration architecture. Enable seamless user experience through channel and core processes business integration. Develop the architecture design for back-end integration with core –processes and platforms.
  • Technical Engineering: Identification of challenges and mitigation through cutting-edge technical solutions. From the assessment of current digital capabilities as starting point to the selection of service providers and validation through PoCs, we cover all the steps to define a tailor-made technical solution.
  • Solution Build & Deploy: Development following agile and best practices to guarantee quality and speed. Thanks to our wide range of competencies, we internally develop a comprehensive set of solutions leveraging flexible methodologies and up to date best practices in terms of code quality and documentation.
  • Run/Manage: Monitoring and tracking to promptly identify issues and optimize the customer experience. After the testing and deployment phase, we provide a comprehensive set of services to monitor the proper functioning of applications, track user navigation patterns and identify potential optimizations, and to take care of routine maintenance.

How do we usually develop?

Our development Approach

Through Agile methodology, the development process takes place in successive iterations, combining short cycles of service design and planning with implementation cycles. The DevOps methodology supports this process.

Our Code Quality and Documentation

A quality and well-documented code guarantees a solid foundation for the reduction of development time and maintenance interventions and guarantees greater flexibility for all evolutionary interventions.

Our Progress Tracking

The entire development process is tracked using Kanban-based software that allows the entire team to have a quick and transparent view of the progress of developments and growth within the Sprint at any time and of the entire project.

Our Framework

  • Scouting and selection: scouting the front-end and back-end to identify the best and latest solutions so key patterns are selected.
  • Optimization: security assessment, cost, and performance optimization.
  • Monitoring & Scaling: maintaining back-end services by fixing bugs, security and performance issues while optimizing time and cost.
  • Use case definition: Identification of best use cases to support the company's Business and IT departments.
  • Execution: Technology design and development of new solutions with the support of our collaborations with the main Technology Partner not forgetting the possible redesign and rewriting of existing code to improve and optimize it.
  • Testing: Execution of tests and monitoring of the results obtained for continuous Quality Control, which in addition to being delivered on time must be maintained over time.