HR Transformation

From employee health and safety to exceptional people experiences, the boundaries of HR are shifting in real-time. HR teams must migrate from the services that have defined HR historically to the new people services that will define the function for years to come.

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What EY can do for you

Align your operating model with your service vision

With EY rapid HR/payroll assessment methodology, you will gather rich insights about your current operations, co-build a new people operating model, build the value case for transforming the function and establish the enablement roadmap that will guide your journey.

Tackle the hard stuff before it impacts your schedule and costs

With EY HR/payroll innovation lab, you will build Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) for new people services, products, processes and technologies. Through iterative innovation, quality and experience feedback loops, your MVPs will be improved and scaled for global deployment.

Design your services with your people, and tie them to desired business outcomes

With EY HR/payroll technology transformation suite, you will round out your architecture by tackling the gaps and intentionally connecting the five layers that make for a seamless digital experience: service, automation, cloud, data & analytics, and enablement. 

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