EY ESG Leadership Dialogues

ESG is not just a business buzzword but is a gateway for new frontiers of change. EY ESG Leadership Dialogues is a series of six roundtables that focus on the opportunity of ESG and sustainability for businesses. ESG has become the foundation of future business strategies - the crux of these strategies revolves around green products, green processes, and green supply chains. Each one of them has become a source of value creation. If done right, ESG can better preserve long-term business value by holistically protecting people, profits, and the ecosystem.

Upcoming : Roundtable 3

Roundtable 2 : Decarbonization – Leading towards Net Zero

In our second roundtable, EY and industry leaders discuss and explore how companies can prioritize decarbonization in their business agenda.

Roundtable 1 : ESG as a value creator for India Inc.

Our first session in the EY ESG Leadership Dialogues series – “ESG as a value creator for India Inc.” features a panel of renowned business leaders from different sectors to explore how companies can identify and build the right value for their business with ESG as a tool.

  • Key takeaways: Roundtable 1

    • All stakeholders such as customers, investors, people, regulators are demanding sustainability.
    • ESG needs to become the foundation of future business strategies.
    • Companies, governments, and stakeholders need to have a vision to develop cleaner energies and champion sustainable solutions 
    • Technology is accelerating sustainability and also enabling traceability and transparency.
    • A circular economy where reusing waste is a huge opportunity across industries.
    • Reducing dependence on coal-based energy is the biggest challenge for India’s net-zero ambitions.
Rajiv Memani
From all perspectives, including that of customer, suppliers, employers, regulators and the government, ESG is becoming very critical for the long-term sustainability of the business.
Rajiv Memani
Chair, EY Global Emerging Markets Committee, EY India Chairman and Regional Managing Partner
Our customer base, which is mostly corporates, has been looking at the environment space particularly around energy and the related cost as part of their global procurement equation.
Michael Holland
CEO, Embassy Office Parks
Michael Holland
Sashi Mukundan
Profit and purpose can go hand-in-hand as leaders must establish greater transparency with regard to their sustainability endeavors.
Sashi Mukundan
President, BP India and Senior Vice President, BP Group
Today, diversity is an important aspect, especially when you are looking at the ‘Social’ part of ESG.
Dipali Goenka
CEO and Join MD, Welspun India
Dipali Goenka
Mahendra Singhi
Technology is an enabler but what is more important is the mindset and the vision.
Mahendra Singhi
MD & CEO, Dalmia Cement (Bharat)
There are three pillars to our strategy which are green products, green processes, and green supply chain and ESG is the core of this strategy.
Dilip Gaur
Managing Director, Grasim industries
Dilip Gaur

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