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Tech in ESG: How can AI make data centers more energy efficient?

In this podcast, Alexy Thomas, Technology Consulting Partner at EY India, talks about how we can make data centers sustainable and the measures being taken globally to improve data center sustainability. 

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Alexy Thomas

Alexy Thomas
EY India Technology Consulting Partner

Podcast host Silloo Jangalwala, Associate Director, BMC, speaks to Alexy Thomas from Tech consulting at EY India about the importance of looking at a company’s datacenters and reducing their power consumption using AI and automation, therefore achieving ESG goals.  

Background: Datacenters are not just storage rooms of computers. They contain complex arrangement of power equipment, water treatment facilities, and cooling systems. These ensure that computers can operate smoothly round the clock. Therefore, datacenters need a lot of power to run. Using AI and automation, we can considerably reduce the power consumption, and therefore make datacenters greener and more sustainable.

 Key takeaways

  • The more powerful the datacenter, the more heat it generates, thus requiring more energy for its cooling systems.
  • The top priority for datacenters is going to be reducing power consumption and becoming more sustainable and socially responsible.
  • The capacity of datacenters in India is expected to increase five-fold in the next 5 years.
  • The energy consumption by datacenters is going to double every 4 years. The sector now accounts for up to 4% of total greenhouse gas emissions globally.
  • AI solutions can provide predictive maintenance, improve security, automate routine activities, and reduce workforce requirements. AI can monitor server performance, network congestion and disk utilization and predict data outages in datacenters.
The International Energy Agency states that datacenters account for around 1% of the global electricity demand. You know, with digital transformation across sectors gaining momentum, demand for data services is rising exponentially. I've just seen that a rating agency predicts that the capacity of data centers in India will record a fivefold increase in the next five years. This growth in data center market means that there will be more demand for power, datacenter space, and of course, skilled manpower.
Alexy Thomas
EY India Technology Consulting Partner

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