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EY DigiCorporateTax is a pathbreaking solution transforming the entire gamut of corporate tax compliances.

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The tax landscape has been changing at a fast pace with technology taking the centre stage in this evolution. Against the backdrop of this continuing tax evolution, corporate tax compliances and filings are quite complex and are largely managed manually/ excel worksheets, there is considerably limited time available with tax team for review, analysis and value addition.

EY conducted a dipstick survey among 100+ Indian companies to understand the key challenges faced by them in tax compliances and reporting.

Companies acknowledged that ERPs have very limited configuration to fetch ready-to-use data.

Companies have a void in using technology-based solutions and are reliant on spreadsheets or offline modes of working.

Companies struggle to retrieve data for tax assessments and believe that a strong data repository is needed to enable retrieval within shortened timelines.

Companies felt that significant time is consumed in co-ordination with multiple teams and consolidating data.

Companies are now looking at full scale transformation of tax function and compliance processes.

Hence, there is a growing business need for a corporate tax compliance transformation solution which can successfully deal with the above aspects.

EY DigiCorporateTax - NextWave of digital transformation in corporate tax compliances and reporting.

EY DigiCorporateTax
Advance Tax
Tax Audit Report
Provision for Tax
Computation of Income and Income Tax Return
Associated reconciliations like Form 26AS reconciliation and Clause 34(a) reconciliation are available as an option through DigiTDS.

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How is DigiCorporateTax transforming the entire gamut of corporate tax compliances?

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