Payroll Operate

Our professionals can help you streamline global payroll operations and reduce compliance risk, helping you meet payroll needs today and tomorrow. We provide managed payroll services to companies from small start-ups to large multinationals, no matter the industry or location.


EY Payroll Operate answers a clear demand in the market: a global payroll solution that provides a single framework that can be scaled by you as your business needs evolve. Global payroll processing needs face a host of changing requirements, from different legislative environments to a rapidly shifting corporate landscape. EY Payroll Operate helps large and small companies future-proof their payroll delivery system and take the next step in the digital evolution of payroll delivery.

Watch this short video to learn more about how EY Payroll Operate can help you transform payroll processing for your entire organization.

Key features

EY Payroll Operate provides a distinctive experience.

  • Globally consistent — One global platform that relies on a certified methodology delivered by a highly integrated team comprised of EY professionals and eliminates the need for multiple vendors or vendor aggregators.
  • Connected services — Our holistic approach addresses your most pressing challenges — from connecting payroll to mobility, people advisory, finance, tax and law, to leveraging investments in automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Intelligent automation — EY Interact supports automated connectivity to all major HR and financial systems. Our Payroll Control Center offers a consolidated view of workforce, operations and payroll processes leveraging the leading-class technological capabilities of EY Global Tax Platform. Highly intuitive analysis supported by advanced data visualization helps drive well-informed decisions and strategies while also driving down costs.
  • Continuous compliance — In-country professionals and relationships with tax authorities in over 150 countries, with real-time reporting, analytics and payroll controls to check every production on discrepancies and anomalies, along with built-in governance that applies to your immediate requirements and is agile enough to keep pace with changes in the landscape.
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As you expand into new markets, careful consideration and execution of global compliance and reporting requirements is critical. Our series of guides contain initial market-by-market guidance on what to consider as your footprint grows and changes shape across the globe.

Guides and contacts are available for nearly 100 jurisdictions covering EMEIA, Americas and Asia-Pacific:


What does Payroll Operate mean?

It means EY professionals operate clients’ payroll as a managed service from data collection, preparation and source-to-gross right up to statutory reporting, payment preparation and employee communication.

How can EY teams help future-proof your payroll operations?

Drawing on the power of innovation and the ever-evolving suite of technology tools, EY teams can consolidate your payroll within one single solution across the globe to help you streamline your payroll operation, reduce costs from your current operation and improve the user experience for you and your employees.

Contact us for a demo of EY technology in action or if you want to talk more about transforming your payroll operations.

What sets EY Payroll Operate teams apart?

We are client-centric. We provide a solution that can be configured to meet your specific requirements and journey.

We have the talent. We make working together seamless.

We provide a full range of services coming together in end-to-end processes.

We do it ourselves. We are committed to compliance and have a deep knowledge base.

We leverage a single global technology and standard certified processes – at the forefront of innovation.

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