Tech Trends Series: EY India

Stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive Tech Trends Series! Explore the latest technology trends shaping the world today, from the 2024 Tech Trends report and top emerging technologies to their impact on business technology trends. This series delves into the most significant technological advancements, giving you insights into both established and emerging tech trends that will revolutionize various industries.

Discover in-depth analysis of each Tech Trend, its potential applications, and its impact on the future. Don't miss out on this valuable resource for understanding technology trends 2024 and beyond!

Watch our Tech Trends video series. EY leadership shares insight and predicts the dominant tech trends 

Tech Trend 01: AI-augmented software development: A new era of efficiency and innovation

Radhika Saigal, EY India Technology Consulting Partner, speaks about how generative AI-assisted tools are enhancing productivity and innovation in software development.


Tech Trend 03: Empowering industries: The rising significance of industry clouds

EY Technology Consulting Partner, Abhinav Johri, unveils industry clouds as Tech Trend #3 for 2024. These tailored cloud solutions cater to specific sectors (BFSI, healthcare, telecom) with pre-built features for security, compliance, and workflows, marking a focused evolution in public cloud.


Tech Trend 05: Responsible AI: Building a sustainable framework

Kartik Shinde introduces Tech Trend 5 on Responsible AI. As AI's influence expands, prioritizing responsible AI frameworks becomes critical. Responsible AI ensures ethical use of Artificial Intelligence, mitigating regulatory, reputational, and business risks associated with uncontrolled AI adoption. These frameworks tackle crucial issues like data breaches, compliance concerns, bias, and the need for explainability.


Tech Trends 2023 video series

EY Tech Trends Chapter IX & X: top retail technology trends to watch out for in 2023

Digvijay Ghosh, EY India, Partner - Consumer Product and Retail Sector and Digital commerce speaks about how  New-age technologies are driving reinventing stores, customizing customer experience, and modifying supply chains for modern retail with various innovations. The rollout of 5G, higher disposable income, and increased comfort with digital engagement among consumers are mostly driving these trends in retail trends.  


EY Tech Trends Chapter VIII: top FinTech trends in 2023

Nilesh Naker  Partner, Technology Consulting, EY India shares how digital-only banks, InsurTech, alternative investment and digital lending platforms are going to revolutionize the Indian financial services sector like never before. Discover how neo-banks to digital lending platforms and technology innovations are reshaping financial services.


EY Tech Trends Chapter VII: Industry 4.0 is redefining the ‘smart’ industry

Harsh Kumar, Partner, Technology Consulting, EY India shares how technologies such as industrial IoT, AI, ML, Big Data and analytics, 5G, edge cloud, digital twins, and smart factory focus on how Industry 4.0 is helping organizations scale up.


EY Tech Trends chapter VI: how technology is improving speed, access, and efficiency in healthcare

Srimayee Chakraborty, EY India Business Consulting Partner, shares their thoughts on integrating AI into diagnostics platforms is helping with screening, early detection, faster diagnosis, and identifying disease patterns and the growing role of AI in healthcare.


EY Tech Trends chapter V: healthcare is getting a tech boost

Srimayee Chakraborty, EY India Business Consulting Partner share their thoughts on how digital healthcare and telemedicine came into focus during COVID-19, they are now the future of healthcare. Tech innovations signal lower costs in healthcare but higher access and quality.


EY Tech Trends chapter IV: how cloud adoption lets untethered enterprises soar

Abhinav Johri, EY India Technology Consulting Partner, shares an overview of how organizations are adopting the cloud for growth, transformation, security, and innovation. Larger organizations are opting for industry cloud and multi-cloud-based solutions as part of their transformative initiatives.


EY Tech Trends chapter III: Zero Trust — the vigilant enterprise

Kunal Bhatia, EY India Technology Consulting Partner, shares an overview of how Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) protects a firm from external and internal cyber threats. Segmenting the network into countless micro-perimeters prevents infiltrators from progressing to the core data.


EY Tech Trends chapter II: how are Indian telecom companies donning a 5G skin?

Burgess Cooper, EY India Cybersecurity Consulting Partner and Kunal Bhatia, Partner Cybersecurity, EY India share their thoughts on how telecom companies will need to reinvent themselves to stay relevant in the enterprise segment.


EY Tech Trends chapter I: stitching data together

Vishal Agarwal, EY India Technology Consulting Partner, shares an overview of how data fabric helps organizations understand and use their data and analyze data from different sources, including social media, sensors, and mobile devices.

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