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EY Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) is a proprietary turnkey solution that enables enterprises to build a next-gen operating model, that is scalable, resilient, and cost-effective.

What EY can do for you

Acing business intelligence with analytics

Globalization has presented significant opportunities to businesses, yet only a few have been able to build a sustainable next-gen operating model to overcome the ever-increasing complexities, uncertainties and expectations around growth, service, cost, customer and employee experience. To be highly resilient, responsive, and agile in today’s uncertain times, businesses must gain some real-time insight into risks and opportunities for faster and effective decision making. However, they are faced with a multitude of challenges:

  1. Proliferation of data volume, variety, and velocity from multiple source systems that traditional data warehouses are incapable of processing, leading to inconsistencies in business processes
  2. Data resides in siloes across the organization, resulting in inaccurate insights drawn from the data
  3. Decentralized operations within a business unit, country, function or process resulting in limited abilities to operate at an industrialized scale
  4. Inability to realize business value despite disproportionate investments made on third party vendors. Traditional technology vendors and systems integrators see analytics only through the lens of technology.  Pure play analytics consultancies view business problems as math problems, taking a simplistic one-dimensional approach.
Applying data science in the business operating model

EY DAaaS adopts a holistic approach to unearth organizational issues and deploys data analytics services and solutions that can reimagine process operations with deep domain knowledge, analytics and technology to help clients accelerate their business performance.

Powered by an innovation lab, we support businesses in the creation of IP, beyond investing in the depth and breadth of talent. It can empower your organization to deploy the right mix of domain, data, analytics, technology, digital and industry expertise spread across 30+ pre-built assets and toolkits.

Why EY Data Analytics as a Service
  1. A scalable Data analytics solution: EY DAaaS brings together business intelligence and analytics and deploys an integrated multi-dimensional approach to solve complex business problems and lays out a clear roadmap with interventions at various stages of business transformation journey.
  2. Flexible and Modular: As a data analytics solution, EY DAaaS aligns to the business operating environment; can configure pre-built assets, or custom build assets on top of EY proprietary DAaaS platform to suit business needs and be hosted on-premise or on-cloud ensuring end-to-end data security.
  3. Talent: It offers the right mix and volume of skillsets as per business needs at every stage of business transformation journey.
  4. Value delivery: EY DAaaS enables ownership of outcome, reduces total cost of ownership and faster deployment of solutions.
Here is how Data Analytics as a Service works
  • Design an end-state vision

    With EY Data analytics solution, we can help design a custom transformation roadmap by considering industry best-in-class state, business aspirations of end-state vision, while factoring in the inflight initiatives and organizational readiness to help organizations seek buy-in from functional and business unit leadership.

  • Perform blueprint assessment

    We can enable a bottoms-up detailed assessment of all functions across all processes and IT functions and determine readiness levels before designing a transformative operating model with technology interventions at various stages.

  • Solution design

    We can help design and deploy an integrated data analytics solution that is aligned to the aspirational end-state design and customized to meet organizational priorities, business unit requirements and change readiness. We can also help businesses identify dependencies and chart a critical path across multiple functions and initiatives for a seamless transformation process. Furthermore, we also perform a cost-benefit analysis and present a business case based on specific requirements captured during the solution design stage.

  • Transition and setup

    We can facilitate a phased transition of processes to global or regional delivery centers including infrastructure, testing, toll-gate reviews for go-live and benchmarking performance levels and standards.

  • Run

    We can run day-to-day operations on technology platforms and provide enablement support to  business operations by effectively managing performance, people, and standardizing processes to ensure continuous improvement.

  • Transform

    We can help organizations drive transformation in processes, organizational setup, technology and enable them to achieve business objectives more effectively, at a much faster pace with the help of a unified data layer, cognitive solutions and bolt-on customer apps.

Client success stories
  • Integrated business planning for a global Consumer Product major

    Designed a next-gen target operating model using EY Genome and implemented digital solutions on EY proprietary platform to make the company’s complex supply chain more agile. The solution helped the client improve forecast accuracy by 20% , reduced overall inventory by 10% and improved productivity by 20% in one year.

  • People analytics for a global IT Services company

    Implemented ‘Talent Command Center’ on premise, with ‘Data Analytics as a Service’ ecosystem to transform employee experience. It helped the company reduce annual attrition by 2.5% and improve employee engagement index by 25%.

  • Supply chain and commercial analytics for an Indian Multinational Automotive company

    Implemented ‘Data Analytics as a Service’ to drive data-based decision making and generated insights to strengthen the company’s spare parts supply chain, international business supply chain, future product development and consumer strategies. Helped the company achieve 16% incremental revenue from data monetization, 15% upsell in service parts and 15% reduction in spare parts inventory.

  • Aftermarket analytics for a global Aerospace engine manufacturer

    Established an aftermarket analytics CoE to capture aircraft engine performance data and predict component failure. It resulted in avoidance of 300+ events and saved more than US$150M annually for the airlines.

  • Logistics analytics for a European Healthcare Logistics provider

    Designed a next-gen target operating model using EY Genome and deployed digital solutions on EY proprietary platform with  on-demand ‘Data Analytics as a Service’ to provide operational visibility on orders and shipments and to optimize logistics cost. The deployment helped the company improve its On Time In Full (OTIF) rate by 8%, truck utilization by 10% and productivity by 18% while reducing the cost per shipment by 5%.

  • Commercial analytics for a Retailer

    Set-up a commercial command center with an on-demand ‘Data Analytics as a Service’ ecosystem to equip the retail brand with better visibility into its sales and marketing performance and generate insights for commercial strategy and planning. The deployment helped the company improve its gross margin by 1.5% with a 3 to 5% increase in cross sales and 15% improvement in productivity.

  • Financial analytics for a large Bank

    Centralized R2R operations, implemented an integrated data hub with accounting rules engine and chart of accounts assignment and financial risk platform with reporting cockpit, resulting in daily interim close, and a single source of financial control. 

  • Supply chain planning analytics for a global Consumer Electronics company

    Designed next gen operating model using EY Genome, implemented ‘EY Cognitive planning solution’ with ‘Demand, Supply & Planning Command Center’ modules on top of ‘Data Lake solution’ with feed from PoS, supply chain and commercial systems, and ran a centralized ‘Supply Chain planning as a service’ operations. The solution resulted in 25-35% points improvement in forecast accuracy across Categories, 10% points improvement in OTIF, 30% reduction in overall inventory and 50% improvement in productivity.

  • Market mix modelling for a Consumer Electronics company

    Established a commercial analytics CoE supported by functional and sector domain experts and data science practitioners to build a market mix model with all marketing drivers including in-store marketing promotions. It resulted in an increase in revenue by more than US$150 m with additional marketing spend of US$20 m.

Case Study
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Case Study

How a global ITES firm improves talent outcomes with real-time analytics

ITES firm analyzes engagement metrics in real-time to check attrition and improve employee wellbeing.

Case Study
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Case Study

Can measuring real-time engagement lead to real cost savings?

The company determined that desired talent outcomes required capturing real-time engagement.

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Evaluating employee experience
Case Study
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Case Study

The solution tracks real-time engagement and is equipped with on-demand analytics.

With EY’s Talent Command Centre, the company senses, analyzes and responds to engagement measures.

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Real-time employee engagement
Case Study
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Case Study

Measuring and acting on real-time metrics translates into real cost savings.

The organization saw tremendous improvement in multiple talent metrics.

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Improving Employee Engagement with Data Analytics

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