Future of GCCs in India: leadership dialogue

Welcome to our exciting multi-part video series where Arindam Sen, Partner and GCC Sector Lead - Technology, Media & Entertainment and Telecommunications, EY India, engages in discussions with India's top corporate leaders, about the ever-expanding landscape of Global Capability Centres (GCCs).

India remains a premier destination for global firms looking to establish and expand their operations, making it the go-to hub for GCCs. According to EY’s analysis, a remarkable growth of GCCs is anticipated in India. As the country emerges as a global technology and services hub, there are likely to be 2400 GCCs by the year 2030, showcasing India’s unrivalled potential.

As GCCs evolve and progress up the value chain, our captivating video series aims to provide valuable insights to GCC leaders and government officials about the industry’s future prospects. Explore these videos, as we delve into the boundless opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead. 

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Future of GCCs in India: a vision 2030

In the first episode of the series, Arindam Sen chats with Kunal Ghatak, Partner, Business Consulting, EY India, on the evolution of the GCC ecosystem in India, growth trends, and what will determine the industry's future in the coming decade.

Tesco Business Solutions

In a free-wheeling conversation, Arindam Sen speaks with Sumit Mitra, CEO, Tesco Business Solutions (TBS) on the journey of TBS over the years, their growth outlook and sharp focus on talent, diversity, sustainability and value-added services. 

From 'Capability Centres' to 'Value Creators'

In this dynamic conversation, Arindam Sen and Ranjan Biswas, Partner and National Director - Technology, Media & Entertainment, Telecommunications, and South, EY India delve into the evolution of GCCs in India. The discussion highlights how GCCs are no longer cost centers but evolving into profit centers by harnessing cutting-edge technologies and data-driven insights, enabling businesses to thrive in an ever-changing global landscape.

Navigating people, pandemic and purpose driven transformation

In the latest episode, Arindam Sen engages in a conversation with Mohan Patnaik, Vice President, GCC, and Transformation Lead at GSK, on the journey of their recently established Global Capability Center (GCC). Launched amidst the pandemic, Patnaik sheds light on the strategic decision to base their GCC in India, GSK's distinctive employee value proposition, global culture, purpose-driven policies, and more. 

Exploring the consulting landscape through the GCC lens

In this interesting chat, Arindam Sen engages with Rohan Sachdev, EY India Consulting Services Leader, on transitioning from the GCC industry to the exciting world of consulting. They delve into the newfound growth areas within GCCs, including Generative AI, cybersecurity, and advanced engineering, highlighting synergies being shared with the consulting business. The discussion offers a strategic roadmap to navigate this transition successfully and skills and capabilities individuals must develop to seamlessly assimilate into the consulting realm. 

Inside RTX’s Innovation Hub

In the latest episode, Arindam Sen speaks with Sourabh Gupta, Digital Program Leader, APAC at RTX (Raytheon Technologies). The conversation explores RTX's India Engineering Center (IEC), focusing on their endeavours in technology, innovation, and collaboration with the startup ecosystem in the high-tech realm of commercial aerospace and defense. Sourabh sheds light on RTX's global leadership, how the legacy influences their employee value proposition and the trust and accountability embedded in their offerings. 

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