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As Global Capability Centers (GCCs) are evolving from being a source of cost arbitrage to becoming Global Value Organizations, the EY GCC Advisory practice is supporting the GCC community in India to drive digital transformation and innovation.

What EY can do for you

Every GCC of today has evolved from a single function, labor arbitrage and cost saving center to a multi-function, regional ability — globally integrated center of excellence.

EY Advisory has been the trusted partner for multiple GCCs in:

  • Global Business Services: From inception to maturity, EY Advisory has been instrumental in supporting GCCs in their location assessment, incorporation, tax structures, book-keeping, payroll, transfer pricing, etc. till the company can normalize their operations using the Build Operate Transfer model of staffing and running Shared Service Centers.
  • Performance Improvement: Leveraging the four-pronged strategy of centralization, standardization, optimization and automation to enhance processes to achieve performance improvement aiding in marked financial transformation.
  • Digital Transformation: EY’s emerging technology consultancy combines the areas of focus, priority and client’s domain and business with the embedded power of the cloud, analytics and deep learning, enterprise mobility, ML and AI, cyber, IoT and blockchain to devise customized and a unique digital transformation roadmap.
  • IT Advisory Services (ITAS): Our ITAS practice provides IT strategy and IT transformation services to meet the CIO’s agenda to deliver value through redefining and upgrading IT to achieve technology enabled broader business transformation objectives. CIOs have achieved seamless cloud migration, reduced technical debt, application portfolio modernization, etc. which eventually have led to IT led business efficiency.
  • Risk Advisory Services: We help our clients identify, manage and monitor all the risks in their business with a keen insight into the risks arising in their sector using different methodologies like internal audit, cybersecurity, risk assurance, forensics, financial services risk management, software asset management and risk transformation.
  • People Advisory Services: EY is collaborating with multiple GCCs across the industry on how today’s workplaces are embracing the changing demographic, aspirations, skillsets and work-life priorities of its work force using the key elements of organization and workforce transformation, competency connect and learning, employee experience and agile people management.
  • Customer / User Experience Management: The understanding of the exact experience and requirements of a customer is a requisite in today’s world. EY is transforming the end-user experience by strategizing product / service design using design thinking, IoT-enabled real time sensing, ease of usage, instant gratification and augmented and virtual reality. Visit EY’s Wave Space center to imagine the art of the possible.

How EY can help

EY is transforming GCCs across various domains in multiple areas as broadly categorized below:

  • Foundational areas
  • Setup Operations & Transition Services

    Starting with location assessment, company incorporation, operating model design, sourcing strategy, implementation support, end-to-end program management and governance to handover using a Build Operate Transfer model.

  • Procurement Transformation

    Enhance the procurement function with AS IS – TO BE roadmap for the whole supplier lifecycle management, risk and performance, inventory control, source to pay and supply chain.

  • Finance Transformation

    Transforming finance to achieve the optimal balance between efficiency, effectiveness and controls using lean operating models, digital finance, business performance management, automation and process excellence.

  • People Advisory

    Connecting the changing demographic, aspirations, skillsets and work-life priorities of its work force to achieve satisfied employee engagement.

  • Tax Technology Transformation

    Digitizing, integrating and automating multiple silos of direct tax, indirect tax, transfer pricing, accounting, compliance and reporting to achieve tax transformation.

  • Benchmarking

    EY’s yearly GCC Benchmarking provides a deep insight into cost, operational, digital and innovation indexes of on GCC with respect to their peers in the industry.

  • Core areas
  • Back Office Applications

    Optimizing the lifecycle of source to contract, contract to pay, order to cash, inventory management and warehousing embedded with integrated ERP systems with last mile reach and real time monitoring.

  • Front Office Applications

    Transforming customer relationship management, user experience management, middle ware and integration platforms.

  • Infrastructure Operations

    Roadmap for cloud policy, documentation, architecture, interoperability, portability and disaster recovery integrated with microservices strategy and containerization.

  • Cybersecurity

    EY is the preferred partner enabling GCCs in strategizing and implementing identity and access management, active directory architecture and security, endpoint / network / cloud / application / mobile / OT Security, SOC and cyber forensics.

  • Engineering R&D

    Strategizing faster time-to-market, optimizing production and enhancing product lifecycle management.

  • Transversal areas
  • Governance

    EY ensures governance across program and project management, software asset management, change management, ERP GRC and application modernization.

  • Analytics

    Devising deep learning and big data enabled statistical modelling frameworks to provide business impacting analytical insights (descriptive, predictive and prescriptive).

  • Innovation

    Our clients have benefitted from design thinking enabled digital workshops leveraging cloud, ML and AI, AR and VR, IoT, 3D printing, etc. to disrupt the marketplace and achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Automation

    EY is heralded as a leader in the industry for assisting clients in their intelligent automation journey from RPA à Cognitive à AI and setting up automation COEs.

  • Enterprise Architecture

    Meeting the CIO’s agenda to deliver value through redefining and upgrading enterprise architecture to achieve technology enabled broader business transformation objectives.

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