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A dynamic digital tax lifecycle management platform

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Developed by EY in India, DigiLiM+™ is an interactive tax life cycle platform which acts as a litigation management solution enabling organizations to track their tax litigations while also supporting smart handling of the newly introduced faceless assessments. It helps in administering tasks and projects pertaining to various compliances and other key organizational projects. DigiLiM+™ also provides data analytics enabled insights for effective decision-making.

The new avatar of DigiLiM+ is divided into three modules:

  • Litigation management solution: This module enables digitization of a company’s tax litigation life cycle, including due dates, reminders and documentation, and enables intuitive dashboards and risk categorization for audit purposes. It has computational capabilities for income and taxes along with interest charged through the tax litigation lifecycle. DigiLiM+ is now powered by Taxsutra to provide timely and relevant tax updates on specific client issues under tax litigation and other topics of interest. With cutting edge features such as notice tracking and submission handling, DigiLiM+ is a robust litigation management solution to assist organizations with the new faceless audit regime.
  • Compliance and project administration: This module transforms task and project management activities. It aids remote working by tracking various compliances (statutory and organization specific) with alerts, reminders; providing dashboards for singular overview of the compliances; database of key conversations for tasks within the module thereby, obviating the need for email exchanges. It also enables complete visibility of sequence of events in various tasks/ projects by providing a workflow trail. It is integrated with other EY digital solutions to align the tasks to be performed under different legislations and helps in ensuring consistency across filings by using a single data source thereby mitigating risks involved in tax litigation.
  • Analytics: As part of a holistic litigation management and tracking solution, this module enables  insightful dashboards covering income-tax returns, tax audits and transfer pricing reports, past litigation cases and GST filings, thereby giving a 360-degree view of tax numbers.

With a robust platform and integration of the above three modules, we assist organizations in mitigating their financial, resource and reputational risks, while driving efficiencies through transparent case management and advanced analytical insights.

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