Martyn I. Whistler
Audiences have become much more like editors, making informed media choices. The industry’s opportunity is to better anticipate what they want and deliver it how they want it.

Martyn I. Whistler

EY Global Media & Entertainment Lead Analyst

Keen observer of all things media and entertainment. Storyteller. Avid reader. Bluff traditionalist, impatient for the future. Fan of sports, occasionally sporty. Fan of the arts, rarely arty.

Escritório London, GB

Working closely with media clients and colleagues in the sector, Martyn brings the latest trends and innovations to life. He helps make sense of what is most relevant, what the impact might be and how the industry should respond.

Although his approach is cross-sector, he primarily focuses on digital media, working increasingly with disruptors around technologies such as blockchain and AI. He sees the potential of digital and technology innovation, particularly its impact on customer experiences, competitiveness and growth.

Occasionally, he also writes for EY on the future of smart technologies, casting a wider lens across industries.

Before joining EY in 2012, Martyn was Director of Research & Information for Northern Europe at a global management consultant.

He holds an MA in Russian and East European Studies from the University of Birmingham and a BA in Politics and Modern History from Aberystwyth University.

How Martyn is building a better working world

Media and entertainment is about creating an emotional experience for audiences and consumers; making them smile, cry, laugh out loud or think in a different way. Martyn helps media companies navigate through today’s opportunities and threats. He helps them understand the business models that provide what audiences want and not just what they think they want.

Outside of his role with EY, he is currently Chair of the Haverstock Career Network, a charity working to unleash the potential of young people in inner London.