Case Study
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Case Study

Case study: How a US-based company established a finance GCC in India during COVID-19

We helped a US-based home improvement company migrate their finance business processes to a GCC in India during COVID-19 lockdown.

How EY migrate GCC processes during a pandemic
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How to set-up and migrate GCC processes during the pandemic?

Migrating processes from the US and Canada to a GCC in India posed a challenge during COVID-19.

A home improvement company, based in the US, engaged EY to set-up their offshore finance GCC and transition processes from the US and Canada to India. The current business process offshoring migration posed several challenges, including non-standard business processes and policies, data migration from multiple systems and technologies, sub-optimal organizational structure and non-standard process documentation. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, the engagement continued since other external factors rendered the migration timelines as non-negotiable. The company, therefore, needed hands-on support to strategize, plan, design, implement and transition the processes to their GCC.  

EY provided end-to-end support for the GCC migration
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EY provided end-to-end support for the GCC migration

Despite aggressive timelines, EY migrated processes to the GCC through application of its 4-A model.

EY helped establish the company’s finance processes at the GCC in India. It provided a full-service migration, including planning, designing, strategizing, transitioning and training of employees, and implementing automation solutions. An aggressive timeline, along with the COVID-19-led lockdown, added complexity to the task. We implemented our process migration expertise and virtual capabilities through a 4-A strategy.

4A MODEL for migrating GCC operations for a US based company during the pandemic
Future-ready performance and control standards
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The GCC provides future-ready performance and control standards

The migration incorporates continuous improvements and automation opportunities for better efficiency.

EY facilitated transition of more than 250 full-time equivalents (FTEs) and more than 90 processes from the US and Canada to India. Besides building a strong operating structure with key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs), the migration was characterized by the following:

Transition 250 FTEs from USA and Canada to India

As a full-service partner, EY undertook complete responsibility of not just the strategic aspects of the transition, but also the tactical – from implementing performance management frameworks to home-delivery of laptops and dongles.