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EY Cognitive Cyber Centre is a single integrated cybersecurity platform that can equip businesses to detect, respond and help prevent emerging threats with its unique AI, ML and cognitive capabilities.

EY Cognitive Cyber Centre - the need Security Operations Centre (SOC)

The significance of security operations centers, as unique as EY Cognitive Cyber Centre (EY CCC), has witnessed a steep rise over the past few years with the rise in proliferation of digital and the transition to remote working setups post the pandemic, which have made businesses highly vulnerable to attacks.

To be highly resilient, responsive and agile in these uncertain times, businesses must gain real-time insights into risks and opportunities for faster and effective decision making.

What EY can do for you

EY CCC can equip your organization with the right skills and technologies to safeguard your business with its team that excels in end-to-end cybersecurity consulting, implementation and managed services capabilities.

We can help your organization to integrate and embed security within its business processes from the outset and build a more secure environment for all stakeholders. With EY’s knowledge and expertise, we can help you place cybersecurity at the heart of your organization’s growth strategy.

EY CCC has in-built machine learning capabilities that use advanced behavioral analytics and threat hunting capabilities to detect, prevent or respond to attacks on a real-time basis. Its advanced automation not only smoothens Incident & Forensics Life Cycle Management, but also remediates and investigates emerging threats across the cyber risk landscape.

Here is how EY CCC can help your organization:

  • Helps plan, design, build and improve a leading-class security operations center (SOC
  • Identifies and prioritizes capital and operational investments to help you apply effective defences to cyber threats
  • Provides just in time on-site support and remote incident response support to help quickly contain or eradicate an intruder that has compromised your organization’s digital assets and implement enhanced defences to reduce risk in the future
  • Improves and sustains threat and vulnerability management effectiveness
  • Identifies vulnerable systems and networks through controlled penetration tests, dynamic and static application testing and helps you remediate acceptable risk tolerance
  • Monitors and responds to advanced threats via market-leading technology and intelligence
  • Discovers and manages critical system vulnerabilities, which can act as points of entry into the environment

Why choose EY as preferred partner

EY India is one center of excellence as we deliver engagements for EY member firms globally. We follow the standard operating model practiced globally.

Key differentiators:

  • Automation first philosophy

    • “Automation First” approach to bring in real time and in-line visibility on the client infrastructure performance and availability.
  • Cyber defense transformation initiatives

    • Enhanced visibility of assets and increase in security monitoring efficacy
    • Automated and in-line incident response
    • Prioritized vulnerabilities driven by a risk-based approach
    • Transform cyber awareness with rich and global content
  • Operational excellence

    • Technology driven service transformation to (re)build client’s ability to defend and protect itself from cyber attacks
    • Scale security operations with maturity on a YOY basis
  • Enhanced cyber hygiene

    • Enhanced cyber hygiene and compliance to cyber security/ privacy related regulatory requirements
  • Business aligned, risk-aware security

    • EY will bring current, in-depth and extensive knowledge of global cyber threats and related cyber incidents, the wider information security and cyber risk landscape and challenges faced
    • We understand security in the context of your business, enabling us to highlight the exposure to cyber risk through business lens
  • Globally connected and locally enabled team

    • EY delivered the highest value transforming cyber engagements globally with a pool of 7000+ cyber security SMRs(small modular reactors) across the US, Europe, India, APAC. Through a collaborative, industry-focused approach, EY Consulting offers a wealth of technology consulting capabilities.
EY Cognitive cyber centre benefits to clients

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