Digital in Climate Change and Sustainability Solutions (CCaSS)

Our CCaSS solutions are built digital. Key tools such as EmploYee Care, EY SusTrack and EY Decarbonize are critical in helping clients measure their companies’ progress, achieve objectives and add value to environment and society at large.

EmploYee Care Mobile Application

This is a mobile application that helps clients address COVID-19 crisis smartly at the workplace. As we begin to recover from the resultant economic and social crisis, business community will have to manage COVID-19-led operational challenges, including ongoing health surveillance, controls and business continuity management.

EY has developed a digital solution, EmploYee Care, designed to help companies navigate the health, safety and operational issues that the pandemic has created. The EmploYee Care app leverages the market-leading digital functionality of the Microsoft’s Powerapps platform and content informed by EY professionals who have years of experience in helping clients with health, safety, digital transformation and compliance. The app allows companies to keep a track of health status of their workforce, report and investigate incidents or local outbreaks. It also provides preparedness against the guidelines and inspection checklists, tracks employees’ locations to make informed decision related to return to work and maintains a dashboard of various indicators.

EY SusTrack - Sustainability Data Management Tool

Besides regulatory compliance, there are compelling reasons for organizations to adopt leading practices in sustainability data management. For instance, environmental liabilities can be costly and there is also a potential risk of having a negative impact on the organization’s reputation. Achieving high sustainability performance and providing profitable returns to stakeholders involves several challenges. These include:

  • Pressure to reduce costs
  • Non-availability of adequate systems or tools
  • Consistency and reliability of data

EY has developed a sustainability data management tool to address these challenges. The tool helps integrate and improve business units’ non-financial performance for companies with varied maturity levels (amateur to advanced).

The solution leverages Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to avoid any manual intervention. It seamlessly interacts with various ERP systems as well as reads/scans PDFs, images, Excel workbooks, etc. It also generates interactive dashboards customized to different users, thereby allowing them to track their performances and report non-financial data.

The tool leverages various global reporting frameworks and databases viz. Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), etc. to be able to assess progress against various leading and lagging indicators.

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