The "SSF/EY Practitioners’ Guide"

Investors are frequently disappointed when they realise that their individual sustainability goals are not adequately reflected in their investment portfolio. One reason for this disappointment is to be found in the preceding advisory process, which so far has not paid enough attention to clients’ sustainability preferences and does not clearly explain the different objectives of sustainable investment approaches. In order to address this lack of clarity in the advisory process, Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF), in collaboration with EY, has published a Practitioners' Guide for banks and investment advisors.


Stephan Geiger, SSF Team


July 2022



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The guide is categorised into five key areas linked to the client advisory process:

  1. Client onboarding process
  2. Knowledgeable client advisors as a prerequisite for complying with information duties towards clients
  3. Ensuring that clients suitablility preferences are matched with the financial instrument as well as service offering
  4. Regular monitoring of product compliance and performance
  5. Frequency and content of client reporting

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