Integrity and Compliance

As regulatory enforcement and public intolerance of corporate misconduct increase, EY professionals help you strengthen your integrity and compliance frameworks. And, should violations occur or allegations of fraud or corruption arise, EY teams can help you respond quickly to safeguard your business.

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What EY Forensic Investigation can do for you

Integrity and Compliance services

Integrity is at the core of contemporary business and this means not only doing what is legal, but also doing what is right. We work with companies to design, assess and improve their compliance programs focusing on the right governance models for their organization and enabling the team to be strong business partners working to prevent violations of regulations and laws. Many companies are looking to modernize their programs and leverage technology to deliver better insights and realize efficiencies.

EY helps you to:

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your compliance management and culture
  • Review and analyze big data to assess your compliance exposures
  • Implement an integrated Business Integrity and Corporate Compliance framework
  • Reduce the compliance risks of doing business with third parties, suppliers, agents and other business associates

EY teams help organizations improve the effectiveness and sustainability of their integrity and compliance program. EY professionals help support assessment and strategic compliance projects as well as full range compliance program advisory campaigns. Specifically, EY teams can provide: 

  • Compliance risk assessments to assist management in identifying and prioritizing the company’s significant integrity and compliance risks, including emerging issues.
  • Integrity and compliance performance assessments that provide an independent assessment of the design of the company’s compliance infrastructure, including the compliance function, structures, people, processes and entity-level controls. This assessment compares compliance infrastructure to leading practices and identifies improvement opportunities.
  • Integrity and compliance program improvement to assist in developing and implementing a plan, as well as core elements and initiatives to mitigate specific compliance risks or to strengthen a company’s integrity compliance infrastructure.
  • Integrity and compliance sustainability and monitoring to support management in developing and executing a plan to evaluate and monitor the operation of the company’s controls to manage compliance risks, as well as integrating integrity and compliance in the day-to-day business operations.

Using Forensic Data Analytics and eDiscovery technologies, EY teams build analytics platforms and advise on the use of technology to help compliance teams gain better access to data to enhance and modernize their compliance program. For example, EY teams can help companies assess and enhance their culture of integrity by leveraging the latest in behavioral science research and applying leading data science to help them better understand the behaviors that strengthen their business, protect their brand and minimize costly business disruptions.

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