Pradeep Kumar Kheruka

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Pradeep Kumar Kheruka

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Driving a revolution through glass

Pradeep Kheruka is a leader who holds steadfast to the dreams of a better India. His entrepreneurial journey, which began at the age of 17, is a story of innovation and modernization. He is credited with many ‘firsts’ and ground-breaking products in the glass industry.

In 1962, Pradeep’s family started Window Glass Ltd but suffered from several problems. By the time Pradeep turned 25, he decided to focus on the export market and Window Glass soon became the largest Indian glass exporter in the country and garnered several awards, including the National Award from the President of India.

The family acquired Borosil Glass Works Ltd. and Pradeep became the Managing Director in 2008 and Chairman in 2018. The company soon ventured into manufacturing of solar glass. He took key R&D initiatives and developed ground-breaking products globally, such as the world’s first fully tempered solar glass in 2 mm thickness and the world’s only toxin-free solar glass. The company has transformed from a single brand organisation to a multi-brand organization today offering a wide range of products, including consumer glassware, scientific and industrial products and pharmaceutical packaging.

The St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, alumnus, has set in motion an INR725 crore expansion plan in solar glass, and another INR625 crore expansion plan in consumer and scientific laboratory apparatus. Pradeep Kheruka has steered the group to close FY22 at a revenue of INR1,485 crore, 36% higher than a year ago and a PAT of INR250 crore, a jump of 89.4%. At the core, he envisions a resurgent India and contributes to a host of welfare initiatives. Some of these include alleviation of farmer poverty in the Beed district of Maharashtra, water conservation in Kutch and rural education and tribal health in Bharuch, Gujarat.