Kathleen Calabro

EY Americas Digital Product Leader and EY Nexus Global Product Leader

Passionate and experienced product manager. Drawn by the seemingly endless power of platform ideology, and the unimagined value creation of today's digital ecosystems.

Kathleen is an experienced product leader who is passionate about developing platforms that harness data and interactions to enable integrated ecosystems. She is relentlessly focused on driving collaboration between customer and company, and bringing the best of technology, data, and experience together to realize a product’s vision.

For almost a decade, Kathleen has led global teams across EY to work with the world’s leading financial services firms, helping them re-imagine and run better ways of delivering value to customers in the digital economy. She focuses on developing products that provide the insights and intelligence needed to help her clients lead in a world that is moving at light speed. And keep that edge in an ever-evolving future.

Currently, she is putting her experience to use to lead the creation of EY’s Nexus platform. Together, she and her team are confidently taking the transformation to a whole new level – developing a platform that helps companies transform into adaptive digital enterprises and provides the building blocks for launching new ideas and growth at scale. Through Nexus, Kathleen is helping connect her clients to the modern technologies and ecosystem partners needed to imagine, build, and run the future of financial services.

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