EY Megatrends

Understanding megatrends will help you see opportunities where others don’t.

Megatrends 2020 and beyond

3rd edition

As society shifts in completely new ways, opportunities will emerge to reframe the future. To identify the correct path, organizations must challenge currently held assumptions about customer and workforce strategies, where competition will come from, and where growth will be made.

The EY Megatrends framework exposes business leaders to trends and forces far outside their usual scope of analysis, reducing the risk of missing out on, or being sidelined by, the “next big thing.” Building your transformation journey on future, not current state, has never been more crucial.

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    EY’s first exploration of the primary causes of disruption and the large, transformative trends that are shaping our future.

    Megatrends 2018

    As more organizations place disruption high on their agenda, our understanding of the forces of disruption and the resulting trends continues to evolve.