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Join a growing, integrated network of service delivery centers providing innovative, scalable and customized business services to EY member firms.

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    A career in EY Global Delivery Services. It’s yours to build.

    A career in Global Delivery Services (GDS) is a dynamic and truly global delivery network of over 60,000 people working across the border to provide innovative and strategic business solutions to EY member firms and EY clients around the world. We play a vital role in EY’s growth strategy, help EY clients be agile and efficient, and the purpose is to build a better working world.

    Across our eight locations and 18 cities, we work with teams from all EY service lines, geographies and sectors. We operate in Argentina, China, Hungary, India, Philippines, Poland, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom.

    10 reasons to join EY GDS

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    Rewards and recognition

    At EY GDS, we help ensure your efforts are rewarded beyond pay and provide a secure career to grow, nurture your personal life and help us build a better working world. Here, you’ll have better conversations and receive ongoing feedback to gain insights and confidence to become a transformative leader.

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    We offer flexibility with responsibility and trust. We provide the tools and technology required to work flexibly and meet your obligations to clients, family, and the community. We support you in creating a personalized career journey to help you turn your aspirations into action and achieve your goals. Learn more.

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    Learning and development

    The EY organization now offers a first-ever fully accredited corporate MBA free to all 300,000 plus EY professionals. You can earn the EY Tech MBA in association with Hult International Business School by completing 16 EY badges across technology, leadership and business, three-pillar papers, and a final capstone project. The EY Tech MBA helps EY people develop their mindset and skillset to navigate the challenges ahead.

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    Personalized careers

    Leap is our career development program that help enables EY people to take up opportunities at various EY GDS teams and locations based on business need, skills, qualifications and experience. EY GDS Leap provides lateral and vertical career growth and immense learning prospects. Learn more.

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    Active mentorship

    When you thrive, we thrive. With a culture of mentoring and support, driven by better questions and better answers, you’ll find EY people here are as invested in your career as you are.

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    Holistic wellness

    Together, we build a better working world by placing our people at the heart of everything we do. We equip our people and their kins to navigate uncertainty by providing financial, physical, emotional and social support to be their personal best.

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    Leading-edge technology

    At EY, we invest in technology to do more meaningful work. You’ll drive long-term value using technology across every industry, helping clients find inventive solutions to their business problems. You’ll help them grow while discovering limitless opportunities to develop yourself. We plan to invest US$1 billion in new technology solutions, client services and innovation over the next two years. Learn more.

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    Global experience

    The scale of your impact matches the scope of your ambition. We provide learning and growth opportunities to build your ability to analyze, innovate, think and act globally. You’ll be part of an organization that’s seamlessly connected across geographic boundaries and industry sectors. You’ll work side-by-side with market-leading entrepreneurs, game-changers, disruptors and visionaries.

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    Diversity, equity and inclusiveness

    Diversity, equity and inclusiveness are core to who we are and how we work. We hold a collective commitment to foster an environment where all differences are valued, practices are equitable and everyone experiences a sense of belonging. We empower our people to use their unique voices to help others find theirs. Learn more.

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    Corporate responsibility

    We believe business can be a force for social good. Your unique knowledge, experience and skills are amplified with our scale. Together, we can impact millions of lives. Join 300,000 like-minded EY people making a tremendous impact on the working world. Create a ripple effect on our clients and our communities. A better working world starts with the people at EY who are building it every day. Learn more.

    "Inspired by true leaders who lead by example, I’ve the exposure to work on many cutting-edge tools and technologies, drive innovation and explore new ideas."


    Anzy Meerasahib | Manager, Consulting

    EY Global Delivery Services | India

    What you can do in EY GDS

    From accountants to coders, we offer a wide variety of fulfilling career opportunities that span all business disciplines. We look for skills that are evergreen and our roles evolve with industry trends. We also work across Finance, Business Development, Technology, Talent, Procurement and Risk Management functions to help EY teams operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

    EY GDS teams you can join

    GDS Assurance

    Be a strategic business partner and financial advisor. Use technology and innovation to monitor quality, financial accounting, data analytics and audits.

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    GDS Consulting

    Use leading-edge technologies to help digital and business transformation working alongside professionals across enterprise risk, supply chain, finance, data analytics, technology transformation, cybersecurity, and digital teams.

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    GDS Enablement Services

    Work closely with EY’s core business functions to improve productivity and strengthen cross-functional teamwork.

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    GDS Strategy and Transactions

    Drive economic value of businesses by guiding organizations with corporate strategy, merger and acquisitions, and capital transactions.

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    GDS Tax

    Provide teams with critical technical knowledge as well as regional and global insights into the latest tax policy, legislation and administration developments.

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    "EY is an ambitious organization that thinks long-term. Enables its leaders to be bold and brave while giving its people the comfort to innovate and contribute to the wider community."


    Christophe Bilos | Associate Director, Technology

    EY Global Delivery Services | Poland

    What it's like to work at EY GDS

    We are entrepreneurial with a passion for innovation, teaming and collaboration. EY people are diverse, so you will feel at home from the start. You will collaborate with EY teams on exciting projects and work with well-known brands from across the globe. We will introduce you to an ever-expanding ecosystem of people, learning, skills, and insights that will stay with you throughout your career.

    As EY grows, so will you

    We offer a great place to work for every person joining EY. At GDS, you will have the opportunity to develop your professional skills in a truly global environment.

    We invest in your education and development. We’ll help you develop the technical and soft skills you need. We’ll support your professional development with a combination of learning, networking, experiences, and coaching. And it all begins on day one.

    Your success is our success. We promote a performance-driven reward culture, where we recognize and celebrate individual and team successes and achievements through our recognition programs.

    • EY GDS Bootcamp

      Are you a first-time employee? The EY GDS Bootcamp is designed and curated for all freshers to take on the corporate world. This bespoke learning opportunity is customized according to the service lines and imparts technical and behavioral skills. Witness the Exceptional EY Experience, even before you join EY with EY GDS Bootcamp.

    • Hackpions

      We foster a culture of innovation. EY GDS leads Hackpions, a hackathon that taps the external ecosystem to look for innovative solutions to solve EY business problems. We provide the winners with the opportunity to work with EY professionals to create a product from their prototype.

    • EY Badges

      Continuously improve, transform and stay relevant. Whether you are an experienced professional or a freshers, EY Badges, a learning and development initiative, helps you to own your career and opens a world of possibilities by supporting you to earn digital badges for future-focused skills such as data visualization, data science and artificial intelligence (AI) and for skills like transformational leadership or inclusive intelligence.

    • EY Tech MBA

      The EY Tech MBA in association with Hult International Business School helps EY people develop the mindset and skillset to navigate challenges ahead. It is the first-ever fully accredited corporate MBA and available regardless of role or position and is entirely free to all our over 300,000 employees in over 150 countries.

    Learn more about what it’s like to work at EY and the tools, learning and flexibility we provide so that you can become the best version of you.

    "At EY Global Delivery Services, we have a culture of trust which ensures that we are treated with fairness, respect and honesty."


    Jason Z. Sun | Senior, Assurance

    EY Global Delivery Services | China

    Experienced professionals

    Build a career as unique as you are. We’ll provide the global scale, personal support, inclusive culture and technology you need to become the best version of you.

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    Students and entry-level

    From student programs and other offerings to full-time positions, find a role where you can build an exceptional experience for yourself and a better working world for all.

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    Contract work opportunities

    GigNow is a talent marketplace that matches contract workers with gigs at the EY organization around the world. We make it simple for you to find projects you love. We give you the flexibility and choice to control your career.

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