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The future has arrived! The world is changing in ways we have never seen before. It is also changing at a much faster pace. As humans, we tend to under-estimate the significance and speed of disruption, as we suffer from status quo bias. This 3-bite-size session workshop aims at introducing the concepts and global research and finding of the Future of Work and Core Leadership Sub-skills.

The first session is complimentary. However, the following sessions will build on the previous session and attendance to all three sessions is recommended.

Who Should Attend?

This leadership workshop is aimed at senior and middle management, and aspiring leaders, who would like to adapt or continue adapting to the new ways of working. These sessions are open for all professionals, cultures, and industries.

Sessions Outline

Session 1: The Future of Work and the Future of Skills | 13 January 2022 | 11:00 – 13:00 CET

We will use this introductory session to draw from EY’s own research on the forces driving the future and the mega trends which will most likely emerge. We will focus on demographic and technological forces and show how their combination will result in significant disruption to the world of work. We will end the session with a discussion on the leadership challenges of the future, as these are shaped by these forces.

Session 2: Overview of Leadership Skills and an introduction to Active Listening | 19 January 2022 | 11:00 – 13:00 CET

Leading complex and diverse teams is an inevitable challenge the future leader will face. In this module we will provide an overview of the core skills the future leader should possess (and the downside of not acquiring them on-time). We will refer to the sequence of sub-skills required to reach a level of competency and draw on recent research on the topic. We will then focus on the least developed work-related skill in the world: active listening. We will take participants through a series of scenarios and reflect in order to be able to visualise what this skill entails.

Session 3: Giving Constructive Feedback and Closing | 20 January 2022 | 11:00 – 13:00 CET

Giving constructive feedback represents one of the main leadership challenges. The evidence is overwhelming as to the inability of most leaders to handle difficult performance conversations, and effectively communicate development areas in a positive manner. In this module we will discuss this great leadership skill and reflect on research. We will deploy audio-visual material, so that participants will be able to enhance their capacity to deliver constructive feedback and become more impactful towards their people. 

Registration fee 

  • Attendance to the first session is complimentary 
  • Price for all sessions: Eur69 
  • EY Alumni price for all sessions: Eur55


Panayiotis Thrasyvoulou heads the People Advisory Services offering for EY Cyprus​. Throughout his work he has advised senior management and Boards of Directors on change management, culture transformation, organisational redesign and HR transactions​. He has designed job grading systems, compensation & benefits benchmarking studies and HiPo’s career planning​, as well as designed and implemented integrated performance management and rewards systems​. Panos has delivered major workforce advisory projects to organisations operating in Financial Services, Construction, Real Estate, Retail, Hospitality, FMCG, Automotive, Government and Hospitality.

Ediana Guillaumier leads EY Connect Learning for EY Malta​. Ediana has coordinated and project managed learning programmes, mobilising teams, resources and content, for the efficient delivery of high-quality courses. She has seamlessly transferred the offering to a virtual setting and successfully organised and delivered training for large organisations in various areas (Finance, Presentation skills, Effective communication and client specific training)​. She has delivered various training sessions in Malta, the United Kingdom, Germany and New York. Ediana is a Certified Public Accountant, a Member of the Malta Institute of Accountants and a Certified Facilitator/Trainer for EY​.

Christiana Aristidou is an Assistant Manager within People Advisory Services. As part of her role she is a trainer focusing on Leadership Development and Customer Care. She also provides people-related consulting services. She holds a BSc (Distinction) in Hospitality & Tourism Management from the Center International de Glion, is an Accredited EMCC coach/mentor practitioner, an Accredited Health and Safety Officer, an HRDA Accredited trainer, and an SHL Accredited Occupational Testing User. She has extensive experience in company restructuring and applying HR processes and policies​. Christiana delivered training in various areas (leadership, communication, professional development) to front-line staff and senior and top managements​. She also provides advisory services to professionals and businesses on issues such as selection, professional development, business goals, communication, efficiency, and employee leadership.



Work reimagined

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