Photographic portrait of Eric Hayrapetyan
The opportunities of the global company are limitless, and we do our best to fully discover the potential of EY in Armenia.

Eric Hayrapetyan

EY Managing Partner for Armenia; EY Assurance Leader for Armenia

Managing Partner with more than 18 years of experience, member of Association of Accountants and Auditors of Armenia. Part-time wine producer.

Office Yerevan, AM

Eric Hayrapetyan is the Managing Partner for EY in Armenia.

Eric has been managing activities of EY in Armenia since the launch in 2008 until now.
Eric also acts as Moscow GFS Assurance Partner serving a number of large Russian banks.

Eric has more than 18 years of extensive experience providing advisory and audit services in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Russian Accounting Standards (RAS) to Russian, Armenian and international banking and financial companies. He has been also serving clients from energy, telecommunication, mining, construction, real estate, public and government sectors.

Eric holds Bachelor and Master degree in international economics at Yerevan State University. Eric has also passed Post-graduate course at Moscow State University, the Department of Economic Theory.

Eric is a member of Chamber of Auditors and Expert Accountants of Armenia (CAEAA).

How Eric is building a better working world

“On our way of fully discovering the potential of our country, we do our best to deliver exceptional service to clients though the understanding of client strategies and issues. We also contribute to connecting and strengthening of our communities and provide support through our corporate social responsibility initiatives, impacting lives of students and people in need. By doing this, we facilitate EY Armenia’s office development and foster sustainable economic growth of the country overall, thus assisting in building a better working world.”

Eric is also an active supporter of a number of social initiatives and member of “Repat Armenia”.

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